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I’m happy ‘punching’ Harry is loved up with Meghan but I miss the cheeky old Prince

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MANY years ago, a friend fell head over heels for a man she’d only just met.
“He’s soooo intelligent,” she gushed. “He writes poetry, he paints, and he just wants the world to be at peace.”
Prince Harry with Suits actress wife Meghan Markle8Prince Harry with Suits actress wife Meghan MarkleCredit: GettyCatherine Ommanney revealed she had a 'month-long fling' with Harry8Catherine Ommanney revealed she had a ‘month-long fling’ with HarryCredit: SolarpixWhen we met him, we all quietly concluded that he was a pretentious tosspot who felt the world owed him a living — a sentiment she eventually came to share after he unceremoniously dumped her for a cerebrally challenged younger model a few weeks later.
But my point is that, for quite some time, she was “perhaps a little over-in-love” and therefore blinded to what was bleeding obvious to the rest of us.
Turns out the Queen felt that her cherished grandson Harry was “perhaps a little over-in-love” with Meghan Markle — an observation that, in my opinion, nails why Harry has become almost unrecognisable from the cheeky, slightly irreverent young man who once endeared himself to the nation as “Britain’s favourite royal”.
This week, Brit Catherine Ommanney, who starred on The Real Housewives Of DC, revealed that when she was 34, she had a “month-long fling” with then 21-year-old Harry who, shortly after meeting her in a bar, gave her “the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had”.
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She added that he was great fun and dreamed of living an ordinary life.
Fair enough and, had he fallen “perhaps a little over-in-love” with a Hooray Henrietta from Hampshire, he might still be enjoying his hitherto huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ lifestyle in Blighty and the occasional lads’ night out with his old mates.
Harry is punching
Instead, he’s living in a gated community in woo woo La La Land where, judging by his often grumpy countenance, the weight of the world appears to rest on his shoulders.
How did he end up there? Because, as his grandmother suggested, he fell “perhaps a little over-in-love” with a woman far more mature, intelligent and ambitious than he is.

On top of all that, Harry is, what the youth of today refers to as “punching” — as in dating someone whose level of physical attractiveness exceeds their own.
For no doubt about it, Meghan is stunning.
And what’s the betting that Harry still can’t believe his luck that he nabbed the sexy actress from Suits.
Consequently, he’s terrified of losing her so “what Meghan wants, Meghan gets”.
Word salad
Another friend claims that relationships work best when one person is more besotted with the other.
I’m not sure, but in the case of the Sussexes, it just might be true.
After all, he has given up pretty much everything he’s ever known for love and they’ve embarked on her (now “their”) mission to make the world a better place.
A noble aim when conducted quietly and selflessly without fanfare, as thousands of good samaritans around the world do, but less so when the mission involves seemingly endless word salad noisily dispatched from a nine-bedroom, 16-bathroom mansion with a gas-guzzler parked outside.
And that noble aim diminishes further when someone’s continuing live-lihood is inextricably linked to them being fêted as a “humanitarian”.
I wish them well, but it all seems a little earnest and po-faced for the once Hooray Harry who liked a good laugh.
Margot would get anyone’s full focus
ANYONE who’s seen The Wolf Of Wall Street will remember in sharp technicolour the moment Margot Robbie appears full-frontal naked in the doorway of the bedroom.
“I’m not going to lie, I had a couple of shots of tequila before that scene because I was nervous – very, very nervous,” she said in an interview last week.
Margot Robbie appeared full-frontal naked in The Wolf Of Wall Street8Margot Robbie appeared full-frontal naked in The Wolf Of Wall StreetCredit: GettyMargot said: 'At the time I thought, ‘No one is going to notice me in this film''8Margot said: ‘At the time I thought, ‘No one is going to notice me in this film”Credit: Alamy“At the time I thought, ‘No one is going to notice me in this film. It kind of doesn’t matter what I do because everyone is going to be focused on Leo (DiCaprio) and everything’.
“I was just kind of like, ‘I’ll slip under the radar’.”
As if. She’d pull focus from Botticelli’s Venus.
Sex lie ruling is soft
A   MAN – let’s call him Mr X – was accused of rape by 22-year-old Chelsea Orton.
She told his family about the allegation, demanded £200 cash from him and her claims resulted in him being subjected to abuse in his local pub.
Chelsea Orton claimed she was raped but admitted to blackmail and received an 18-month suspended prison8Chelsea Orton claimed she was raped but admitted to blackmail and received an 18-month suspended prisonCredit: SWNSTurns out it was all lies.
At Warwick Crown Court this week she admitted blackmail and received an 18-month suspended prison sentence because, according to the judge, “in your favour is the fact this was not sophisticated”.
Sorry? The act of rape is heinous and can potentially ruin someone’s life, but being falsely accused of it is destructive to your mental wellbeing, too.
Whether it’s a “sophisticated” accusation or not, it should never be made if it isn’t true and to do so is a crime that should incur a fitting punishment.
Hotel hope
NICK WISNIEWSKI is holding out as the last resident in his street – despite a compulsory purchase order on his flat.
“I am not going anywhere,” says Nick, 66, of Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, who is about to spend £1,000 freshening up his decor.
The Victoria Hotel in Amsterdam, Holland8The Victoria Hotel in Amsterdam, HollandCredit: AlamyYou never know, he might just get his wish.
In Amsterdam in the late 1800s, a homeowner called Mr Verburgt repeatedly refused to sell up to developers, so in the end they left his house where it was and simply built the city’s vast Victoria Hotel around it.
NORTH Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has now gone public with his hitherto secret daughter Ju-ae, aged around ten.
What a shock. He’s had sex?
Pete proves it’s no joke
GOOFY comedian Pete Davidson has been pictured with his latest girlfriend – stunning model Emily Ratajkowski.
His exes include singer Ariana Grande, model Kaia Gerber, reality star Kim Kardashian and actresses Phoebe Dynevor and Kate Beckinsale – all highly eligible women.
Pete Davidson was pictured with his latest girlfriend, Emily Ratajkowski8Pete Davidson was pictured with his latest girlfriend, Emily RatajkowskiCredit: BackGridProof, if needed, that you really can laugh people in to bed.
THE Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, Stephen Watson, has made headlines by saying that police must stop virtue signalling and get on with the job of fighting crime.
He’s 100 per cent right.
But what a sad indictment of our times that this is now considered to be “news”, rather than par for the course.
Shaky farm fight
STAFF at Sony’s London HQ were left “terrified” recently after a fight broke out in the company canteen between rapper Headie One, who’s had several top ten hits (nope, me neither), and another rapper queuing for his cheesy-beans baked potato, or whatever.
Police were called and, apparently, “there was food everywhere as well as blood”.
Shakin' Stevens was sitting in a banquette when a passing member of indie band The Farm stubbed out a cigarette on his head8Shakin’ Stevens was sitting in a banquette when a passing member of indie band The Farm stubbed out a cigarette on his headCredit: Rex FeaturesAt the breakfast table, I read this story out to former Sony employee The Bloke, who turned misty eyed as he reminisced about the artiste altercations he maintains are par for the course in an industry populated by creative types.
My absolute favourite is his recollection that, during a Sony sales conference in an Eastbourne hotel, Shakin’ Stevens was sitting in a banquette when a passing member of indie band The Farm stubbed out a cigarette on his head.
“He didn’t expect Shaky to leap over the side and confront him,” adds The Bloke, admiringly.
“Turns out he can look after himself.”
As The Farm didn’t sing: All Together Now, “Don’t mess with Shaky”.
WHAT is the point of Price On Application – or POA, as it’s often referred to?
Just tell us the price of your house, for heaven’s sake.Why the mystery?
I’m a mum of seven - I’ve told my kids they’re getting nothing for Christmas'Worst ever' Christmas market slammed over £9 hot chocolate and no festive stalls
On TV show Room 101, POA would be first on my list for consignment to oblivion.
So imagine my irritation while flicking through a magazine at the weekend, when my eye chanced upon an overcoat I rather liked and the caption stated: Coat, POA. FFS.

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