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I’m fuming after my son was ripped off at his school’s fundraiser – the prices were extortionate

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A FURIOUS dad was left livid after his son was ripped off at a school fundraiser event – claiming the prices were extortionate.
He said his son paid £3.50 for a rubber worth an estimated 20p at the event.
Stechford Primary School said it had contacted the father to discuss his concerns1Stechford Primary School said it had contacted the father to discuss his concernsCredit: Google MapsQuestioning the insane prices, the Birmingham dad asked: “How can anyone justify charging a child £3.50 for a 20p rubber?”
Stechford Primary School said it had contacted the father to discuss his concern, according to BirminghamLive.
The school had informed parents items would be sold for between 50p and £3.50.
But the dad said he was not expecting his son to be sold a rubber for so much money – and he claimed other parents were also angry.
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In an email sent to the school the dad said: “We as a family, and a community, are disgusted. My son came home after a pupil sale to raise money for books.
“My child was given £3.50, (but) returned home with a rubber worth 20p for £3.50. He notified us that nothing was priced, and that a teacher told him the eraser was £3.50 and took his money.”
The dad was gobsmacked at the ridiculous prices, arguing it is not the first time something like this happened.
He said: “This has happened before when we were sold a diary book for £9 – yet it came apart the same day. Much better quality were available for £1 from Poundland.”

He hit out at the school, saying he won’t be supporting any future events if they continue with the insane prices.
“If the school holds any further sales,” he said, “we will definitely not be sending any money with our children for some teacher to extort.”
Stechford Primary School said it had not received any other complaints from parents.
A school spokesperson said: “We have not been approached by other parents regarding the sale – and all those involved were instructed about giving change for purchases.
“However, this parent has been contacted and offered an appointment to discuss their concerns and, clearly, if any mistakes were made, we will ensure they are rectified.”
It’s not the first time school fundraisers have hit the news.
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Plus, some parents were outraged when they were asked for money for their kids to have extra playtime at school.

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