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I’m a US Navy sailor – My warship was buzzed by UFO that shone dazzling spotlight on us & it wasn’t human technology

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A SAILOR has described how a UFO shone a bright light that lit up his US Navy warship in the middle of the ocean.
The whistleblower was serving on the USS Paul Hamilton when the ship buzzed by objects he says were not technology he has ever seen.
The USS Paul Hamilton was lit up by a spotlight from a UFO3The USS Paul Hamilton was lit up by a spotlight from a UFOJeremy Corbell is a leading UFO investigator3Jeremy Corbell is a leading UFO investigatorThe warship was in the Pacific at the time3The warship was in the Pacific at the timeCredit: RoyKabanlit -/WikimediaThe incident was one of many described in a cache of documents accidentally released by the US Navy last year.
More than 60 pages on the encounters were uploaded by the military with the file name “proposed redaction” – suggesting the unaltered documents were not meant for public release.
The documents reveal encounters with unknown drones flying over six warships from March to July 2019 including the USS Paul Hamilton.
Now one of its sailors has broken his silence and talked about what happened to the Weaponized podcast, run by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp.
He told Corbell about a how a “white light” suddenly lit up the ship, which he estimated from its strength was “very close” during the 2019 encounter in the Pacific.
“It was very bright and was completely unexpected,” said the unnamed sailor.
“This was maybe the third night that we had been seeing these aircraft whatever they were and that was not something we had previously experienced.
“It was probably a two-second illumination. It was pretty bright because on the bridge we keep it completely dark at night so we can see any light, anything possible at night.

“It went from pitch black to very illuminated, very quickly. 
“That was jarring, shocking. That definitely happened at least once.”
The sailor explained that the crew weren’t told it was top secret US technology being tested and he insists the objects were nothing he’s seen before.
“We did have conventional drones flown by adversary nations and non-adversary nations in our vicinity throughout that deployment,” he said.
“That was why we were initially like ‘these are not aircraft that we typically deal with or see around here’. 
“I probably spent four months total at sea in that specific area and before and after I didn’t see anything to that effect flying with pattern and we didn’t see it over the course of the deployment either, anywhere.”
The podcast also heard from serving US Navy helicopter pilot, John Gutierrez, who has spoken to colleagues about the 2019 UFO encounters.
He also said the technology that witnesses have talked about is not something he’s come across during numerous encounters with drones during his time at sea.
“It takes energy to produce that strength of light,” he said.
“So now we’re talking about a drone that can stay on duration for hours at a time, is noiseless and it’s performing manoeuvres that are almost unbelievable. 
“And now it’s got a spotlight to illuminate a navy warship like that. It’s not adding up to what people would think.” 
It comes as another sailor on the ship also said the mysterious objects that behaved in a way that no human controlled craft would.
The documents reveal encounters with unknown drones flying over six warships from March to July 2019.
In the area was Hong Kong flagged bulk carrier M/V Bass Strait – who the US vessel attempted to contact but received no response.
It is suspected some of the drone incident may have been attempts to spy on US warships, such as one involved in the USS Paul Hamilton.
Mysterious craft are described as at times making “dangerous” approaches to US vessels and coming within just 500ft of them.
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Corbell has been behind a string of high profile leaks featuring encounters between UFOs and the US military one which was played at a landmark hearing held by Congress.
The Weaponized podcast recently released an image  captured by a US spy plane shows a metallic orb UFO flying over Iraq.

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