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I’m a plus size baddie & love my ‘apron belly’ – I don’t care what people say, I know I’m totally hot

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A FAT-POSITIVE influencer has spoken of her love for her “apron belly” and “fupa” and branded herself as “fine AF.”
Nikki Garza, who refers to herself as ‘plus size baddie,’ posted a video where she says: “A little fupa and apron belly love.”
Nikki Garza told how she loves her "apron belly"3Nikki Garza told how she loves her “apron belly”Credit: tiktok/@itsnikki.g
Nikki said she's still "fine AF" after gaining 80lbs3Nikki said she’s still “fine AF” after gaining 80lbsCredit: tiktok/@itsnikki.g
Fupa refers to the area below the belly button, and stands for “fat upper pelvic area”.
Meanwhile, an apron belly occurs when the belly and fat surrounding the internal organs expands, resulting in additional fat deposits.
In the clip posted to TikTok, she can be seen proudly flaunting her figure in a fluffy cropped cardigan and jeans as she dances and mimes along to a song.
The lyrics say: “These parts are called the fupa, fupa’s what it’s called, and lately she’s been getting so big, she won’t stay in my drawers!”
I’m have a figure eight body shape, people are stunned I’m not plus sizeI have a huge bum but no hip dips, people are confused when they see my body
In a second video, she shares a throwback photo where she was 80lbs lighter, before posting a snap of what she looks like now.
“You gained 80lbs but you’re still fine AF,” she writes.
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Alongside the clip, Nikki penned: “No matter your body size you still that baddie.”
In another video shared in January, the body positive influencer hit back at trolls who told her she shouldn’t wear a bikini.

The plus-size content creator shared a list of comments from those who would try and repeatedly control what she wore and did.
“You can’t wear that!” said one.
“You know you look fat?”
Fighting back, body confident Nikki then transitioned into wearing a bright purple bikini in a bid to draw attention to herself.
“I’m fat… I’m going to look fat,” she enthused.
“Look fat? Baby, I AM FAT! Ain’t no hiding that.”

The videos have since gone viral, racking up over one million views hundreds of comments from social media users up and down the country.
“You give me so much confidence!!” enthused one.
A second praised: “I LOVE THIS!”
A third penned: “Work that confidence!”
Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “Baddie!!”
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Another added: “YES YES YES QUEEN!”
And one more encouraged: “Slayyyyyyy!”
Nikki before putting on 80lbs3Nikki before putting on 80lbsCredit: tiktok/@itsnikki.g

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