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I’m a naturally big boobed woman – haters tell me to dress discretely and wear a bra but I don’t care

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A NATURALLY busty woman has hit back at haters who tell her she needs to dress more discreetly.
TikToker Chioma says she is often told she should wear a bra but she has learnt not to pay attention to people’s comments.
Chioma says she ignores the mean comments2Chioma says she ignores the mean commentsCredit: InstagramThe Tiktoker has hit back at trolls2The Tiktoker has hit back at trollsCredit: InstagramThe woman who has a naturally huge chest embraces her looks and shares videos of herself on TikTok.
In her latest clip, she posted a comment she received that read: “Dress discreet, we don’t want attention.”
In response, Chioma posted a clip of herself dancing saying: “Sorry friend, I am the attention.”
TikTokers praised her for her confidence and looks.
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To those telling her she should always wear a bra, Chioma responded that she is more comfortable without it as the straps hurt her back and shoulders.
In another video where someone suggested she should go for a breast reduction, Chioma replied: “Make sure your own body or your life is perfect before you Troll me.”
Chioma says she chooses to focus on the positive things in her life and ignore the haters.
She said in another post: “I do not need anyone to pity me or have concerns for my “poor back”, I love me and I’m surrounded by people that love me.

“My space is filled with good energy, love and happiness as I count my blessings everyday.
“There’s so much going in the world right now so save your pity, concerns and well wishes for that, I’m good over here.”
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