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I’m a 6-time Mr Olympia champ & the original mass monster – I’m much smaller now but it has huge benefit to looking good

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A FORMER bodybuilding champion has told how his lifestyle has changed after retiring from the industry.  
Brit Dorian Yates scooped six consecutive Mr. Olympia titles in what was an impressive streak between 1992 and 1997.
Brit bodybuilding ace Dorian Yates revealed that it was difficult to get a suit made when he competed3Brit bodybuilding ace Dorian Yates revealed that it was difficult to get a suit made when he competedCredit: InstagramDorian is a six-time Mr. Olympia champion3Dorian is a six-time Mr. Olympia championCredit: InstagramDorian, the star of the 2019 doc The Original Mass Monster, has revealed that he’s lost some of his muscles since retiring.
In an Instagram post, he said that he had to invest in finery for media duties ahead of Mr. Olympia.
He admitted: “Back then it was rather difficult to get a suit made.”
He joked that the process is easier post-retirement.

Dorian quipped: “Nowadays, I can get one off the rack.”
The sportsman, also the founder of Dorian Yates Nutrition, offered bodybuilding fans a glimpse into his lifestyle when he used to compete.
According to a blog post on his website, his breakfast used to consist of oatmeal, 12 egg whites, four eggs, fruit, and toast with jam.
It came to a whopping 1,500 calories and Dorian used to burn it off with a 30-45 minute dog walk before turning to a protein shake and banana.

Coffee was used as a “fat burner” before a high-intensity workout that lasted up to an hour.
Dorian then tucked into a meal of meat with brown rice and vegetables.
He used to sleep for a couple of hours as he believed rest was “crucial” as he never wanted to “overtrain.”
His evening meal consisted of steak, vegetables, and a baked potato.
And, around one hour before bedtime, he used to treat himself to oatmeal, egg whites, and full eggs.
The ex-bodybuilder has been in the fitness industry for more than 40 years and told fans that it’s “okay” for your body to get smaller.
A fan asked: “Did you ever hate the thought of getting smaller Dorian or didn’t it bother you too much.”
He admitted: “It’s okay for your goals to change. It’s actually important that they do.”
Dorian said: “When my bodybuilding career ended, I continued to train fairly hard and heavy, but over the years I questioned what I really needed and what I could improve upon.
“So I shifted more towards working on my mobility, cardio, breathing, mental, spiritual health, and fitness.
“When training with weights nowadays, I use a moderate weight just to maintain muscle & strength.”
He told his followers to “ask yourself what you need and you should work on this, instead of being comfortable.”
Dorian is one of the most decorated Mr. Olympia champions of all time.
He ranks behind the likes of Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney, Phil Heath, and Arnold Schwarzenegger when it comes to all-time wins.
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He retired from the sport in 1997 and admitted to Generation Iron that bodybuilding was “starting to feel like a job.”
He said: “I kind of told myself that when it started to feel like that, then I would think about stopping.
Dorian recently told fans that it's 'ok' for goals to change over time3Dorian recently told fans that it’s ‘ok’ for goals to change over timeCredit: Instagram
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