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I won £7 million on the lottery after buying ticket on my birthday – I used to earn just £330 a month

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A CAR WASH manager who used to earn just £330 a month scooped a massive £7million after buying a ticket on his birthday.
Kathar Hussain saved up his tips from customers to buy the winning lottery ticket.
Kathar Hussain has become one of the biggest ever jackpot winners in the UAE1Kathar Hussain has become one of the biggest ever jackpot winners in the UAECredit: NewsflashHe was on holiday in India, where his family live, when he struck lucky in the UAE’s Big Ticket Draw.
Millions of people had tuned into the show to see who would win the record prize.
And when the ticket was chosen, the host rang Kathar to let him know the good news.
But viewers were left disappointed because his phone was switched off because he was in India with his family.
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He was later tracked down – and Kathar, who has lived in Sharjah for five years, said he had already heard the good news as he had been watching the show online.
He said he bought the winning ticket on his birthday – and the cost of a ticket was often too much for him to take part.
The huge £7million prize is the biggest in the competition’s 30-year history – making Kathar one of the biggest ever jackpot winners in the UAE.
He said he would split the life-changing cash with his friend Devaraj – who he collected tips with to buy the ticket.

“I earn £330 every month. For however many years I worked, I would not be able to make so much money in my lifetime,” Kathar told The National.
“I was watching the show and was in India at my friend’s home when I realised I was the winner.
“I was shocked. I just thanked Allah. I never thought I would see such a day.
“My life will change completely… I am still so excited.
“I never thought I would get so much money. I want to stay here in the UAE and bring my family here from India.”
Kathar’s family live in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu – and he now hopes to build a family home.
“My family are very happy. I live in a rented house and am hoping to build a house for myself and my parents,” he said.
After scooping the huge prize, Kathar plans to leave his day job and start his own business.
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The next prize in the game is likely to be even bigger at a whopping £7.7million.
The draw is due to take place in January.

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