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I went to Winter Wonderland where ONE ride cost £27 and don’t get me started on food… it all cost too much

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A WOMAN went to Winter Wonderland and spent £27 on one ride but said it was “worth it”.
Emily Lockwood posted a video to TikTok sharing the cost of her evening out.
A woman went to Winter Wonderland and spent nearly £30 on one ride5A woman went to Winter Wonderland and spent nearly £30 on one rideCredit: TikTok/@emilylockwood2The big wheel cost £27 to go on5The big wheel cost £27 to go onCredit: TikTok/@emilylockwood2Emily said she also lost around £30 on games5Emily said she also lost around £30 on gamesCredit: TikTok/@emilylockwood2Despite the total being “too bloody much” the 23-year-old said it was worth every penny.
In the video shared to her thousands of followers, Emily revealed she bought mulled wine for £6.50 each, two trays of noodles for £24 and churros for £5.
Arguably reasonably priced for the London-based event, the cost of the rides left viewers shocked.
Emily claims to have spent around £30 on games and an eye-watering £22 just to go on the big wheel – plus a £5 fast track.
Winter Wonderland slammed after charging £8 for candy floss & £7 for a POTATOI spent over £200 at Winter Wonderland - I think it was absolutely worth it
Seen by nearly one million people, one user agreed it was worth the steep costs
They said: “I always say it’s an expensive day but worth it. I love it there so much.”
Meanwhile another person added: “I went there five times it’s really good and worth it.”
However one person said: “£6.50 for the tiniest little cup, this place is so overpriced don’t care what anyone says.”

One person joked they were crying “in cost of living” as others dubbed the Hyde Park market as a rip off.
It comes after a mum claimed to have spent hundreds of pounds on the afternoon out.
The single mum, who goes by the name Chan, also posted a video to the social media.
In terms of rides, Chan went on the big wheel – which charged her £10 each – and ice skating for an expensive £15.50.
The Sun Online visited the market last week after an uproar about high food prices at Christmas events.
Two small bags of pick ‘n’ mix cost nearly £20, candy floss was £8 and a potato on a stick was £7.
The day would now cost parents around £40 to eat before you even have a drink or go on the rides.
One parent said: “[The] kids will have fun. Expensive yes, overpriced sure but do a few rides then leave and eat before you go that helps.”
A breakdown of everything she spent
Entry – £7.50 each
Mulled wine – £6.50 each
Games – £30
Noodles – £24 for two trays
The big wheel – £22 plus £5 fast track
Churros – £5
Drinks – £13

Two trays of noodles cost £245Two trays of noodles cost £24Credit: TikTok/@emilylockwood2Emily posted her evening out on TikTok5Emily posted her evening out on TikTokCredit: TikTok/@emilylockwood2
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