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I went to rip-off London Christmas market & spent £5 on measly potatoes – Aunt Bessies would have been better

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A CHRISTMAS Market has left one woman underwhelmed after she paid £5 for roast potatoes she says weren’t as good as Aunt Bessies.
TikTok user Sophiewhotravels posted about her trip to the London market and went through what she paid for bits of food and drink.
The offending potatoes were described a 'worse than Aunt Bessies'2The offending potatoes were described a ‘worse than Aunt Bessies’This Yorkshire pudding wrap cost £132This Yorkshire pudding wrap cost £13While she said the Chai latte “was like brown water don’t do it” it was the £5 for half a dozen or so roast potatoes that aroused her ire.
“These were a let down. Tasted a million times worse than Aunt Bessie so don’t waste your money,” she said in reference to the frozen food retailer.
Responding to a comment about the £13 she paid for a Yorkshire Pudding wrap she said: “Literally these London prices are ridiculous.”
Another user said that “meanwhile we got scammed” at on her trip to the London Bridge Christmas market.
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It comes after customers slammed a Christmas market selling cheesy pasta for £9 and a posh lager for £14 as a rip off.
Festive market-goers in Newcastle were left with empty wallets as a meal ended up costing more than a flight to Marbella, Spain.
Meanwhile a Christmas market in Manchester was slammed as the ‘worst in Britain’ for charging £20 for a hotdog and a pint.
Elsewhere, families were horrified to discover one of the UK’s most famous Christmas markets is far from child friendly.

Visitors had expected alpine-style chalets selling cakes and trinkets at York’s festive fair – but they couldn’t believe their eyes when they got there.
While browsing the stalls, shoppers were confronted with dozens of explicit beer mats and keyrings emblazoned with swear words.
The crude coasters included ones which read “gin wh**e”, “coffee sl*t” and “c(l)ockwater”.
Others being flogged said “a smile a day keeps the w***ers away”, “polite notice – place your f***ing drink here” and “real friends show me their boobs”.

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