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I went to dinner and was furious about a hidden £20 charge sneakily added onto my bill – it was very cheeky

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AN ENRAGED diner has slammed a restaurant after its staff sneakily added £20 onto her bill for a bizarre dessert charge.
TikToker @vivala_blondiiie had enjoyed a birthday meal with friends but was totally blindsided when it was time to pay.
A picture of the receipt that contained the cake cutting fee3A picture of the receipt that contained the cake cutting feeCredit: TikTok/@vivala_blondiiieDespite enjoying her birthday, Gigi was fuming over the cake fee3Despite enjoying her birthday, Gigi was fuming over the cake feeCredit: TikTok/@vivala_blondiiieThe group of foodies copped a cake cutting surcharge that set them back £20.
Gigi, her real name, took to social media to air her grievances with the receipt as proof.
She said: “When the server asks if we want the cake we brought cut, thinking she’s doing something nice for us… but it was £20.
“I didn’t know this was a thing.”
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Gigi’s friends had surprised her with the birthday cake and the group planned to eat it after the dinner.
She said: “We didn’t plan on eating it at the restaurant.
“But the servers kept insisting to bring the cake to the kitchen and cutting it, which was not our plan.”
Gigi, who worked as a waitress for six years, said the charge came as a huge shock as she never came across “cakeage” in her career.

She said: “It’s new to me, I honestly didn’t know.
“I’ve been a server and we never charged customers or we didn’t have a charge.
“I get the charge but it was surprising.”
The US woman claimed the group would have been happy to pay the fee if the restaurant had made it clear upfront.
She said: “I don’t mind I got charged, I was just shocked because it was a surprise.
“We never asked them to serve me the cake I brought… just like they never told me it was a charge.
“It would have just been nice to know.”
The social media video has more than 800,000 views.
However, the cutting controversy did divide public opinion.
“I would have got the manager because the server should have told you that you had to pay for it,” a TikTok user said.
“Totally a thing because then they bring plates and forks, which they then have to wash… but it was wrong that you weren’t told of a fee,” one said.
“No different than a corking fee – It’s a restaurant policy to help them pay their bills when people bring food in,” another said.
“I’ve never seen this, I served at an Italian restaurant for a year and we’d cut cakes and provide plates just to be nice,” a third said.
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Another diner was left fuming after spotting a £28 hidden charge sneakily added to their restaurant bill.
One foodie was charged more for asking for her eggs to be scrambled.
The cake cutting fee cost £203The cake cutting fee cost £20Credit: Getty
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