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I was devastated when I came home to find my flat flooded – but my landlord’s response was unforgivable

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A SYDNEY mum blasted her landlord after receiving a baffling response after her home became flooded.
Mum-of-two, Sophie, took to TikTok to show the flood damage to her house following huge downpours of rain.
The mum-of-two took to TikTok to show the extent of damage caused to her flat after a heavy downpour2The mum-of-two took to TikTok to show the extent of damage caused to her flat after a heavy downpourCredit: TikTokHer landlord's advice left her angry and shocked2Her landlord’s advice left her angry and shockedCredit: TikTokThe video begins with Sophie walking through her house alongside the added caption “What rental crisis?”.
“Add an additional $50 a week for the new and luxurious indoor pool,” Sophie says.
The bizarre footage shows the floor of Sophie’s daughter’s room completely drowned in water.
With everything underwater, the last thing Sophie was expecting was her landlord’s disappointing response.
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In an email, the landlord wrote back: “You just need a couple of towels to soak it up, and it’ll be all right,” according to the mum-of-two.
They also said: “I think its best if you mop up as much water as possible, also put out some buckets to collect the leaks”.
Sophie was left devastated and shocked at this poor response, after already reporting a hole in the freshly painted ceiling last year.
This is what she believed was bringing the rain into the house.

The TikTok then goes on to show water dripping down the walls as well as patches of mould growing in the ceiling.
Sophie said she had also reported the broken exhaust fan to her landlord and because it was not repaired, much of the property began to mould.
The Sydney tenant was then forced to remove the damaged exhaust fan with no help from the estate agency.
Although there have been numerous complaints and incidents reported between Sophie and her landlord, she claims she still wants to stay in the property along with her two kids.
“My children and I have made this house our home and ideally, I would like to stay at this property for as long as the landlord is willing to lease it out,” she wrote.
Sophie’s TikTok followers were quick to flood to her videos comment section to offer their support and wishes.
“That final email left me absolutely shook that they’d have the audacity,” one person wrote.
“Aren’t they obligated to make sure the property is safe and liveable? This is definitely neither. Is there a tenancy board you can contact?” another added.
“What a horror story,” a third said.
In Sydney, landlords are responsible for repairing and maintaining the property so that it is in a reasonable shape for the paying tenants.
However, the rules change slightly when it comes to natural disasters.
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If a property suffers damage due to natural disaster, repairs must be carried out by the tenant and the landlord decides whether the tenant continues living in the property or not.
If the tenant can not resolve their complaint they are entitled to lodge a complaint with Fair Trading.

Story Credit: thesun.co.uk

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