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I spent £800,000 on QQQ boobs and went under the knife 30 times to get perfect body – trolls hate me but I don’t care

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A BUSTY mum- of-six has spent a jaw-dropping £800,000 to get her dream QQQ breasts.
TV personality Lacey Wildd, 54, who has gone under the knife over 30 times to achieve her perfect body, hits back at trolls who mock her.
The mum has spent £800,000 to get QQQ boobs6The mum has spent £800,000 to get QQQ boobsCredit: GettyShe has gone under the knife over 30 times6She has gone under the knife over 30 timesCredit: MegaLacey shared a picture before her transformation6Lacey shared a picture before her transformationCredit: instagramThe reality star's goal is to transform into an extreme Barbie6The reality star’s goal is to transform into an extreme BarbieCredit: instagramThe mum whose real name is Paula Thebert has previously revealed her goal was to transform into an “extreme Barbie.”
She has increased her breast size from A to QQQ which weigh 40lbs.
In order to achieve her dream looks, the TV star has had 19 boob jobs, 12 procedures on her lips, several nose jobs, Brazilian butt lifts, brow lifts and other operations.
Speaking to AOL Lifestyle in 2019, the mum recalled having her first procedure at the age of 24.
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She said: “I was a triple A – that means nothing. It’s so wonderful what a little bit of surgery can do for you.
“When I started having plastic surgery, I didn’t expect myself to become the human Barbie. I didn’t know that was going to happen.”
Lacey became known for taking part in the MTV documentary series True Life in 2011, along with her daughter Tori.
In an episode called I have a hot mum, Tori implies she is not happy with her mum’s obsession with plastic surgery.

She said: “My life revolves around her boobs.”
Her son Brandon added: “Everything’s fake, I think. I think she looked pretty before she even had the surgery.”
The TV personality has also worked as a model and actress in B-movies.
Her large chest doesn’t come at a small cost as the mum has to sleep at a 30-degree angle others she “feels suffocated.”
Surgeons have advised Lacey who has the fourth-largest chest in the world, to stop enhancing her breasts.
BVack in 2016, the ex-model worked as a spiritualist called Ghostbusty, claiming it was the universe that advised her to inflate her breasts so she could become famous and help others.
Lacey says people call her crazy but she has learnt not to pay attention to negative comments.
She said: “I’ve always lived my life the way I want to. I’ve always taken my own path and I really don’t care what other people think.”
She says she doesn't care about people's comments6She says she doesn’t care about people’s commentsCredit: instagramThe mum previously worked as a psychic called Ghostbusty6The mum previously worked as a psychic called GhostbustyCredit: Barcroft Media
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