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I ordered a laptop on Amazon but got a nasty shock when I opened my parcel – now I’m £1,399 out of pocket

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A STUDENT was left “gutted” after he splashed out on a brand new MacBook laptop – only to be sent boxes of Wheetabix instead.
Yoshihito Kamogari, 20, said he feels he has been scammed after unboxing his disappointing Amazon delivery.
Yoshihito felt cheated after he opened his Amazon delivery expecting to find a MacBook laptop2Yoshihito felt cheated after he opened his Amazon delivery expecting to find a MacBook laptopCredit: AlamyInstead the 20-year-old had been sent a box of Weetabix2Instead the 20-year-old had been sent a box of WeetabixCredit: GettyThe student had initially been planning to use the money to fly home to Japan for Christmas.
But after saving up his cash from his job in a Japanese restaurant, Yoshihito sadly realised he couldn’t afford the tickets.
The University of East Anglia student then decided to fork out for a new Apple laptop instead.
But after excitedly unboxing his Amazon delivery on November 18, he said his “heart sank” when he saw his new laptop had been swapped out with breakfast cereal instead.
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Despite emptying his hard-earned savings on the baffling delivery, the 20-year-old said he has still had “no support from the company”.
He told The Argus: “When I opened the package and there were just two boxes of Weetabix my heart sank.
“I was gutted.”
Luckily, the student had bought the laptop through monthly instalments of £279 – rather paying than the full figure of £1,399. 

But after contacting Amazon, Yoshihito said the company responded by immediately freezing his account, rather than reimbursing his lost savings.
Now, he is afraid he will need to keep forking out for the fraudulent package, as he can’t cancel the direct debit while his account is frozen.
Stuck in his expensive predicament, the business student said he is now worried he has been swindled out of his savings.
“I have no idea what’s going on. I think I have been scammed”, he added.
This has been so stressful for him – he can’t eat cereal anymoreShun Tomii, Yoshihito’s boss
The young student has since been getting help from his boss, Shun Tomii, owner of the Shiki restaurant in Norwich, in demanding answers from the retail giant.
He said: “Amazon didn’t explain what happened and they assumed there was some violation of policy and they froze his account so he couldn’t contact anyone at all.
“The bank said they can’t cancel his direct debit because it depends on Amazon.
“I’m trying to gather as much information as possible to help him get out of this horrible mess.”
The restaurant boss added that he believes his employee has been the victim of a fraudster.
“I searched online and there are other people like Yoshi who have received Weetabix boxes after placing Amazon orders,” he said.
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“This is totally not his fault.”
An Amazon spokesman said: “We have been made aware and have launched an urgent investigation.”

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