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I live next door to Nicola Bulley and ‘someone knows something’ about her disappearance – we’re keeping an open mind

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NICOLA Bulley’s next-door neighbour and pal has said “someone knows something” about the missing mum’s disappearance.
Marketing director Charlotte Drake’s comments come as Lancashire Police expanded their search to include the Wyreside Farm Park Caravan Site near to where the mortgage adviser vanished.
Nikki Bulley hasn't been seen since January 274Nikki Bulley hasn’t been seen since January 27Credit: Not known, clear with picture deskLancashire Police have expanded their search to include the Wyreside Farm Park Caravan Site4Lancashire Police have expanded their search to include the Wyreside Farm Park Caravan SiteCredit: Not known, clear with picture deskThe mum-of-two, 45, was last seen at around 9.10am on January 27 while she was out walking her dog Willow along the River Wye near to her home in Inskip.
Charlotte, who has lived next door to Nicola and her partner Paul Ansell for five years, said the new police activity was “a positive”.
She said: “We have to keep up the positivity that she can be found.
“Someone knows something and everyone needs to keep an open mind.
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“We just need some extra pieces to fit into this jigsaw, no matter how small.”
Previously, Charlotte praised Paul for his “strength” at this difficult time.
She wrote on social media: “The strength this man [Paul] has shown over the past 14 days is nothing short of a miracle.
“When many would be sat at home waiting for news he is using the media exactly as it should be used, to share the facts, highlight the lack of evidence and spread the word far and wide, so that he can hopefully reach someone that knows something.”

Charlotte continued: “Backing Pauly Ansell all the way to bring Nicola Jane Bulley back to him and their beautiful girls. We are all behind you, from our little street.”
In a previous post, she reminded people “this lovely person who has gone missing is a real person”.
She said: “As a neighbour/friend I can categorically say she is the type of person that would drop everything to help any single one of us going through this. So please, let’s give her that effort in return.”
The comments come as Nicola’s sister begged the public not to give up trying to find her.
Louise Cunningham pleaded with people to keep sharing the appeal to reunite her with her family.
Alongside a photo of Nicola with her partner and two daughters, she said on Facebook: “Please keep sharing.”
Louise accompanied the post with three yellow hearts – the colour of the appeal – and a home emoji.
Detectives still think she fell into the water and drowned, but insist they remain open-minded.
Her relatives, friends and some experts are convinced something else happened to her and want nearby land “scrutinised”.
Search expert Peter Faulding, who was drafted in to help find the mum, is now hunting for sites where someone could bury a body without being seen.
He has compiled a list of ditches, woodlands and hedgerows close to where she vanished and plans to probe them next week if she isn’t found before then.
Faulding, who admits Nicola could have been pushed “really hard” into the water, told TalkTV’s Jeremy Kyle: “Surrounding land should have been searched thoroughly straight away.
In a recent development, it has emerged that cops have contacted a local fishing club wanting information.
Officers have only just approached the local fishing club in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancs to find out who was on the riverbank that day.
The Sun told on Monday how a witness saw two men with fishing rods acting suspiciously on Nicola’s dog-walking route.
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Officers are finding out how many, if any, fishermen were issued with tickets to be on the river.
Cops are also trawling through security camera footage from the area and trying to trace the owner of a shabby-looking red van spotted outside a barn on the morning Nicola vanished.
Nicola's partner is desperate for her to be found4Nicola’s partner is desperate for her to be foundCredit: Nicholas RazzellCops have been keeping up their search for the missing mum4Cops have been keeping up their search for the missing mumCredit: PA
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