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I found a rare pearl worth £3,500 in my clam while dining at fancy restaurant – it made my date all the more romantic

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A WOMAN was left shell shocked after finding a rare pearl worth £3,500 while dining at a fancy restaurant with her fella.
Natalia Freire was counting her lucky stars that she was overcome by a shellfish craving and ordered the clams.
Natalia Freire found a treasure among her plate of clams at the restaurant in Spain3Natalia Freire found a treasure among her plate of clams at the restaurant in SpainCredit: Jam PressThe diner discovered an extremely rare purple pearl was rolling around her mouth3The diner discovered an extremely rare purple pearl was rolling around her mouthCredit: Jam PressShe had mentioned her hankering for the salty treat to her boyfriend, who decided to take her out for a swanky meal.
The pair headed to Restaurant Casa Sampedro in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, for their date night – which led to them both getting lucky.
Natalia, who also works at the posh eatery, ordered a plateful of clams to satisfy her seafood itch and found an extraordinary surprise inside the first one she tried.
The lucky diner was chowing down on the slippery grub when she noticed a small spherical object in her mouth.
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She then realised she had almost swallowed an extremely rare purple pearl – worth a whopping £3,500.
Natalia explained: “My bosses were freaking out.
“I knew the clams in this place are delicious, but I could never imagine that they also hide such a nice thing.”
She was blown away that the spontaneous date night had benefited both her relationship as well as her bank balance.

The clam lover joked: “The chef told me that clam orders are going to come out slower than usual from now on while she inspects each one with a magnifying glass.”
She claimed the incredible discovery has sparked a seafood frenzy, as her boss even admitted he was left gobsmacked.
Restaurant owner Javier García said: “It is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this in my life.
“I didn’t even know there could be pearls in clams, I thought they were only in oysters.”
Natalia said she was most overjoyed by the fact her family and colleagues were wowed by the surprise addition to her meal.
She has now become famous locally for her pearl find, adding that “a lot more people talk to me now than they did before.”
Although the purple rarity has yet to be evaluated, experts estimate it is worth around £3,520.
While all molluscs, including oysters, mussels, and clams, can produce pearls, only some saltwater clams and freshwater mussels are used to commercially grow gem-grade pearls.
The invertebrates feed by filtering seawater to get the nutrients they need, but sometimes a foreign body, such as a parasite, is introduced.
To protect itself from the irritant, the mollusc covers the particle with a substance called nacre, also known as mother of pearl.
The remarkable end result is a small, hard, spherical object that is usually white in colour.
Because Natalia found a purple pearl, her discovery is considered even more valuable.
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A bloke in New York previously found an “extremely rare” pearl worth £3,000 in his oyster stew at a restaurant.
Rick Antosh initially thought he had knocked out a tooth when he felt something rolling around in his mouth.
Natalia and the restaurant were left stunned by the £3,5000 discovery3Natalia and the restaurant were left stunned by the £3,5000 discoveryCredit: Jam Press
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