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I dated Britain’s worst female bigamist but I dumped her when she cheated on me… I found out she had FIVE husbands

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THE ex-boyfriend of Britain’s worst female bigamist with FIVE husbands has revealed he dumped her when he discovered she was cheating.
Wayne Harper, 43, discovered Emily Horne was having an affair 18 months into their relationship.
Emily Horne has been dubbed Britain's worst female bigamist7Emily Horne has been dubbed Britain’s worst female bigamistCredit: AlbanpixEmily had five husbands, including James Matthews, her fourth husband7Emily had five husbands, including James Matthews, her fourth husbandCredit: CollectEmily was jailed for six months in 20097Emily was jailed for six months in 2009Credit: PA:Press AssociationWayne retold the trauma of his relationship with Emily in an exclusive interview with The Sun7Wayne retold the trauma of his relationship with Emily in an exclusive interview with The SunHe had met the bigamist when they were both in hospital at the same time – him following a cycling accident and her for a minor operation.
Wayne, from Brierley Hill, West Midlands, said at the time: “She is good looking, slim, sexy and intelligent – what more could a man ask for?”
And when Wayne learned his new girlfriend was already a wife to FIVE different men, he vowed to stand by her – as long as she remained loyal to him.
But 18 months later, Wayne grew suspicious. He accused Emily of cheating and dumped her.
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Wayne has now retold the trauma of his relationship with Emily in an exclusive interview with The Sun.
Speaking from his home, he said: “I split up with her, it was my doing because I found out she was cheating on me.
“I was only with her for 18 months and it was not a happy ending. I have nothing left of her in my life, no pictures, nothing.”
The former window fitter – who is a bachelor and lives alone -added: “I was her partner not a husband and at the time she had five husbands.”
Emily – an ex-adult movie star – told Wayne she didn’t have anywhere to live after leaving hospital, so she moved in with his family shortly after she was discharged.

Wayne’s dad Dennis Harper recalled how Emily used to share the family home when she was dating his son.
Dennis said: “Emily, who can forget her? We’re going back years but she lived here for about six months.
“She seemed quite intelligent but could be a bit odd at times and got depressed.
“They were together for a year or more but my son ended the relationship before the s*** hit the fan and he found her going with other blokes.
“I have no idea why she kept marrying and where she is now.”
Emily’s infidelity was revealed in Channel 4 documentary The Bigamist Bride: My Five Husbands.
She was first convicted of bigamy around 2004 and was sentenced to six months in prison.
Emily was then handed a second jail-term for bigamy in 2009 – and was locked up for 10 months suspended for two years.
Wayne previously spoke of the early days of their courtship.
He said: “She told me about being a bigamist a couple of weeks after we met.
“I was a bit shocked when she told me she was married to five men. 
“She also told me she’d done some adult movies and I was a bit stunned about that. But I can understand why she didn’t want to tell me the whole gory details.”
He vowed: “I’m standing by her.” 
Wayne said although he had no plans to marry the adulterer he did intend to build a life with her.
He said: “She is good looking, slim, sexy and intelligent – what more could a man ask for?”
Wayne recalled: “When we met, my face was swollen because I’d had a cycling accident and she asked me what I had done. We just got talking and it went from there. 
“She told me she had nowhere to stay when she got out of hospital so she moved in with me and my family. 
“Everybody deserves a chance to turn their life around. I believe she will stay with me and I will support her if she goes to prison.” 
Emily said at the time of their hospital courtship: “One could hardly have called me a seductress, considering the state we were both in.
“About four weeks after I met him, when it became apparent there was a possibility I could become part of his life, I told him, ‘I’ve got a past that is going to make you run!’
“But Wayne accepts everybody has a past.” 
Emily is seen marrying Chris Barrett, her third husband7Emily is seen marrying Chris Barrett, her third husbandCredit: Ross ParryHer fifth husband was Ashley Baker7Her fifth husband was Ashley BakerCredit: CollectEmily – now aged 43 – has been convicted of bigamy twice, jailed once and given a suspended sentence the second time.
She had married five husbands without legally divorcing one of them.
It all started when 18-year-old Emily married her first husband Paul Rigby in 1996, but they split after three months.
Three years later, she married Sean Cunningham – but she left him for his friend Simon Thorpe, who gave her away at her wedding.
While Emily and Thorpe were engaged, the bigamist married two other men, Chris Barrett and James Matthews.
Her arrangement went sour when Emily – who began working as an X-rated glamour model around this time – went to live with one of Matthews’ mates.
Matthews called the cops and her bigamy was exposed.
She was jailed in 2004 and was locked up for six months.
After leaving jail, she married Ashley Baker – husband number five.
Soon after that, she met IT worker Stuart Allen and agreed to marry him.
But when Emily went away for a few days, Stuart was horrified to discover she had gone to the US to marry US policeman Fred Miller.
A few days after their honeymoon, the relationship ended and Emily moved back to the UK.
In 2012, Emily “wed” Craig Hadwin in bogus ceremony in Scotland.
On one occasion the compulsive liar dressed up as a man and posed as Craig in order to get prescription drugs.
She cropped her hair and donned a baggy football shirt and trousers to con a doctor into giving her sleeping pills she was addicted to.
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She pretended she was her own hubby Craig Hadwin, serving in the Navy at RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset. 
Emily changed her name by deed poll  in 2010 and is understood to be known as Max Accastes Quiberon (or Quiberberon).
Ashley Baker was Emily's fifth husband7Ashley Baker was Emily’s fifth husbandCredit: Collect
Story Credit: thesun.co.uk

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