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I cut down my neighbour’s tree because it was blocking my drive – people say it’s petty but I’m not in the wrong

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A MAN cut down his neighbour’s tree because it was blocking his drive – people think he’s being petty but he’s well within his rights.
The TikTok user known as @smargarden1982 took to the social media platform to film himself cutting back the foliage so it wasn’t overhanging onto his driveway.
Man gets to work cutting back his neighbour's tree which is overhanging his drive3Man gets to work cutting back his neighbour’s tree which is overhanging his driveCredit: TikTok/@smartgarden1982The man takes less than a minute to cut the overhanging foliage3The man takes less than a minute to cut the overhanging foliageCredit: TikTok/@smartgarden1982In a post called “What would you do if neighbour’s tree was blocking your driveway” the man can be seen getting to grips with the problem.
Dressed in a t-shirt and shorts with a baseball cap on his head, he produces a hedge trimmer and starts cutting back the branches of the tree that are overhanging his drive.
The clip, which is less than a minute long is wordless but set to the tune of 1988’s dance track Good Life by Inner City.
He’s careful though to only cut the foliage overhanging his property and leaves the rest of the tree, on his neighbour’s side alone.
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The clip ends once the job is done and the man gives a thumbs up to the camera as he walks off.
The Tiktok user claims the clip has now been viewed one million times.
As well as getting more than 23,000 likes it has attracted over 2,800 comments,
Most commentators saw no problem with what he was doing and noted it was perfectly legal to do so.

One person wrote: “Absolutely legal to cut back what overhangs your boundary.”
Another added: “Legally you can trim what is over hanging onto your property. But it’s not your tree so either ask your neighbour if you can dispose of them.”
A third commentator said: “You can only cut what is in your garden, you cannot cut the top, and you ask if they want the clippings they can say no so you have to get rid of them.”
While many others agreed with the man’s actions, some said it was best to speak to the neighbour first if only to keep on good terms with them.
One suggested: “I’d probably speak to my neighbour and ask to cut it back. I’d also offer to do their side.”
Another added: “Hopefully you’d be friends with your neighbours so just tell them. Ours are elderly and lovely. We always help them. Called humanity.”
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Legally, the man was fully entitled to cut back the part of the tree which was coming onto his property.
The law states you can trim branches or roots that cross into your property from a neighbour’s property or a public road.
However, you can only trim up to the property boundary. If you do more than this, your neighbour could take you to court for damaging their property.
But before undertaking any action make sure you don’t live in a conservation area or that trees and hedges are not covered by a “tree preservation order”.
If so, you may need permission from the council to trim them.
Your neighbour is responsible for maintaining their hedges so they do not, for example, damage your property or grow too high.
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If they do damage your property, your neighbour may be liable.
It’s always a good idea to talk to your neighbour first before taking any action.
The man gives a thumbs up sign once the job is done3The man gives a thumbs up sign once the job is doneCredit: TikTok/@smartgarden1982
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