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I became a bodybuilder in my 60s – I love wearing sparkly bikinis & now I am performing at the Arnold Classic

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A GRANDMA has revealed how she feels more confident than ever as she loves showing off her physique in sparkly bikinis.
Renee Landers, 70, started competing in competitions when she was 69 and she has never looked back – saying she now looks and feels the best she ever has.
Renee Landers is now a bodybuilder at 705Renee Landers is now a bodybuilder at 70Credit: Social MediaRenee started working out after undergoing spinal fusion5Renee started working out after undergoing spinal fusionCredit: PA Real LifeShe didn’t start lifting weights until she was 60 as she worked to recover from an injury and undergoing a spinal fusion.
And now next month she will be taking part in an event at the Arnold Classic.
The gran, from Houston, Texas, hopes she can be an inspiration to others as she keeps her fans up to date on Instagram.
With more than 12,000 followers – she has an account titled “Yes, I’m 70!”.
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Renee feels like she now looks better than she did her in twenties.
“I have a wonderful trainer who kept encouraging me to compete, but I was too scared,” she shared on Facebook.
“It took several years to get the courage to put on a sparkly bikini and get on a stage in front of a bunch of strangers… but, after I did that first show, I knew I had found my people.
“I have not looked back, and have been having the time of my life.”

Renee said she turns 71 soon – but is not going stop as she continues to lift and compete.
She works out five days a week, does cardio every day, and is a toned 121lbs as she stands 5ft tall.
Sharing pictures with her hashtags such as “agelessbeauty”, “badassgrandma”, and “sexyover60”, Renee tries to be an inspiration.
“I had to get over the fear and the nerves and the insecurity about being the oldest person in the building,” Renee told the Fit Is Freedom channel on YouTube.
She also revealed she didn’t even tell her friends that she was planning to take on the competition.
“I didn’t want to have any negativity, I didn’t went any of those vibes,” she said.
“And then afterwards is when I posted it on Facebook to my group.”
Her first competition was in May 2021 – donning a bikini and entering her first ever bodybuilding competition.
Being 20 years older than the next oldest person there, she scooped sixth place.
Renee said: “We can be the oldest with the best attitude and that’s what I am excited about – I am just so bad I overcame my fear, that was the sparkly bikini and judgement.”
The supergran will now be taking part in the Arnold Classic in next month in Columbus, Ohio, as part of the Angel Competition Bikinis Fashion Show.
“I can’t wait,” she wrote on Instagram.
“I am so grateful and honored for this opportunity to represent women of a certain age at this prestigious show.”
“Who gets to do this at 70 years old? MEEEEEEE!”
She added: “I really loved wearing this beautiful sparkly bikini in my last 2 competitions.
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“I have yet to select the 2 new sparkly bikinis I’ll be wearing for the upcoming show.”
Renee will also be speaking on the upcoming D&D Dialect podcast on February 5.
Renee now keeps her fans up to date online5Renee now keeps her fans up to date onlineCredit: Social MediaShe is due to perform at the Arnold Classic in March5She is due to perform at the Arnold Classic in MarchCredit: Social MediaRenee feels more confident than ever as she dons bikinis5Renee feels more confident than ever as she dons bikinisCredit: PA Real Life
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