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How can Britain justify ploughing on with HS2 while up to our neck in debt?

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Crazy train
TEN years ago The Sun warned that HS2 was a monstrous gamble.
We worried about its cost. We predicted that by 2032 video calls and meetings would be routine and make an improved London-to-Birmingham rail route an archaic absurdity.
How can Britain justify ploughing on with HS2 while up to our neck in debt?1How can Britain justify ploughing on with HS2 while up to our neck in debt?That future arrived far faster than we imagined.
By 2020 we were calling for HS2 to be scrapped as its already vast price tag tripled. It was, we said, “an obscene and reckless amount for a railway much of the country doesn’t want”.
Today we reveal that this grand extravagance is in disarray, its budget laid waste by inflation.
The cost-cutting compromises being secretly discussed look disastrous. Any of them might have negated HS2’s case from the off.
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Pulling the plug now would mean writing off billions already spent and expose the Government to expensive legal claims over broken contracts.
It is still the lesser of two evils. The once-thin case for this folly, its costs out of control, now seems non-existent.
How can Britain, battered by Covid and war, up to our necks in debt and crying out for investment everywhere else, justify ploughing on with it?
Trans sanity
DOUBLE rapist Isla Bryson has blown a hole in the logic of the trans rights brigade.

It is of course correct for this beast to be removed from a women’s jail. It is scandalous that Bryson, who was previously Adam Graham and still has a penis, was ever put there.
But the SNP and their woke fellow travellers in the Labour Party would have us all believe that any self- identifying trans woman IS a woman and must be legally recognised as such.
Which, logic dictates, gives Bryson a right to be in a female prison, even separated from others. If “she” is a woman, how can “she” end up at a male jail?
Unless, of course, Bryson — who only decided to transition while awaiting trial — is not in fact a woman at all . . .
And the SNP knows it just as well as the rest of us.
Now send jets
RUSSIA’S rapid retaliation yesterday over the promise of Nato tanks for Ukraine shows the urgency of going even further.
F-16 fighter planes should be sent to enable Zelensky’s pilots to protect not only those tanks once deployed but troops, citizens and infrastructure now.
Every day’s delay gives Putin more time to bombard cities, murder civilians, cut power and level buildings.
Some fear Western planes would cross a line, potentially triggering Kremlin nuclear reprisals. We don’t buy it. Putin already thinks tanks cross the line.
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Our jets could secure a lasting Ukrainian victory and Russia’s defeat.
Send them.

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