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Hotel slams ‘worst Brit abroad’ who cracked head with pool dive before ‘vanishing at sea & turning up stroking a camel’

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A HOTEL has slammed the behaviour of a British tourist who cracked his head open during a pool dive, vanished at sea, and reappeared stroking a camel.
The manager of the Sunprime C-Lounge Hotel in Turkey hit back at the allegations listed in the tourist’s rambling one-star TripAdvisor review.
The manager of the Sunprime C-Lounge hotel in Turkey hit back at the man's one-star review1The manager of the Sunprime C-Lounge hotel in Turkey hit back at the man’s one-star reviewThe holidaymaker, named Chris R, from Leeds, posted on the review site about the hotel in Alanya – claiming it had “poor management staff”.
He said he had saved up all year to fork out £1,500 on his first holiday since he was a child for his partner’s birthday.
But he outlined everything he thought was wrong with his stay.
Chris said he was shocked to find their hotel room was facing a building site when they arrived, and complained to hotel staff.
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He also claimed he hit his head on the bottom of the pool and split his head open, suggesting there were no signs warning visitors not to dive.
He then said he swam in the sea to “clean his head” – but when he got out the manager was “shouting and swearing at me”.
“The police came to my room and told me to sleep it off after I told them what happened and they removed the manager and the holiday rep from my room,” Chris wrote.
“I was in bed just falling asleep when the holiday rep came up to my room and told me that the manager did not want me in his hotel anymore and we have 15 minutes to pack our stuff and get out.

“We only booked in early hours that morning and by 11.30pm at night we was both sat on the beach with our suitcases.
“We had no money to go to the hospital so they was prepared to leave us homeless in Turkey with a head injury.”
The Leeds man fumed that he would never return to the hotel.
But the general manager at Sunprime C-Lounge hit back at Chris’ claims.
They wrote: “Our hotel is a sea front hotel which has rooms facing the beach and rooms not facing the beach as well.
“He has been booking a land view room and received what he has been booking.
“Next day around 8.30pm, during dinner time, our managers got a call from the reception about a guest diving into the pool.
“The pool is closed to swimming at 7pm and after this hour there’s no life guard around the pool.
“On the right side of our swimming pool there’s a billboard of 1×1.5 metre sized and both of these warnings are written there in English.”
The manager claimed Chris dived into the pool over and over again while it was closed and eventually smashed his head.
They said: “Girlfriend told he was intoxicated by the time. When we saw the cracked skull of Mr. Chris R, we were worried huge.
“We offered him to go the doctor or hospital. He was in blood with a long crack, nearly 5cm.
“He insisted that he was fine, still we didn’t want him to go to sleep like that and lose his conscience.
“We kindly asked his girlfriend to keep him awake and tell us if he falls sleep. He wanted to close the door and go to sleep.”
The manager claimed Chris got “mad” about the cost of medical care – and wouldn’t even see a pharmacist.
They wrote: “He definitely didn’t accept any medical check and ran to the sea side. His worried girlfriend followed her.
“Five minutes later she came back sobbing, crying in panic and asking for help.
“She told [us] Chris went very far into the dark sea and disappeared, never reappeared again.”
The manager said hotel staff, fellow guests, police and rescue teams launched a massive search for Chris amid fears he had been dragged out to sea.
But the Brit was soon found safe and sound on the side of the main road.
“When we reached the main road, he was stroking a camel on the roadside,” the manager wrote.
“When the rep tried to talk to him he swore him and ran to the hotel.”
They added: “He was verbally abusing the rep, the hotel manager, the staff and other guests.
“He ran through the corridors completely naked and throwing fists around and hitting the walls/doors.”
In the end, the hotel said it decided to kick Chris out due to the “discomfort” he was causing to other guests.
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The Sun Online has contacted Sunprime C-Lounge Hotel for comment.
The hotel has an “excellent” average rating of 4.5 stars out of five.

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