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Here are my five promises to Sun readers after 100 days as your Prime Minister

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IN the past 100 days, I’ve made it my job to make sure this Government is focused day in and day out on your priorities.
We’ve stopped the freefall in our economy. Slowed the increase in people’s mortgage rates. Stepped up our support for Ukraine, sending not just weapons and ammo but now heavy tanks too. The first country in the world to do so.
The Prime Minister is writing for The Sun to mark 100 days in office4The Prime Minister is writing for The Sun to mark 100 days in officeCredit: AFPRishi asks readers to judge him on keeping his promises before the next election4Rishi asks readers to judge him on keeping his promises before the next electionCredit: GettyBut there is much more still to do. There are five urgent tasks I have set myself to fix the problems that matter most to Sun Readers.
Your bills are rising too quickly. Your wait for medical treatment is too long. Your sense of unfairness is sparked by the abuse of our immigration system.
Create jobs
So first, we’re going to halve inflation. I get how tough life is right now. Every week, every bill coming through the letterbox gets more and more expensive.
The biggest difference I can make as Prime Minister is to support people with the rising cost of living.
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That’s why we are helping families with £26billion of government support. And more help to those who need it, especially disabled people and pensioners.
My second promise is to grow the economy. Politicians talk a lot about growth. But what it really comes down to is making sure people have good, well-paid jobs.
Many Sun readers proudly own their own business. Or want to in the future. You know that the only way to grow the economy and create jobs is to let businesses like yours thrive.
That’s why we are cutting EU red tape, signing trade deals with countries around the world and investing more in infrastructure such as new roads, railways and broadband.

But we can’t grow the economy or tackle inflation if the Government’s own debts are out of control. So my third promise is to reduce debt.
It was right to borrow more to get the country through Covid and the energy crisis. They were some of the hardest times we have faced in generations.
But I’m not prepared to have our children and grandchildren foot that bill. So we have taken difficult decisions to reduce the debt.
And when we’ve done that, and inflation is coming down, I am still committed to cutting your taxes.
Fourth, we’ve promised to cut NHS waiting times.
It’s been a tough winter for the NHS, with a surge in flu and Covid cases. And that comes after two years of dealing with the pandemic.
But we’ve got the right plan for the NHS.
Five thousand more hospital beds. Eight hundred new ambulances. Tens of thousands more doctors and nurses. And tens of billions of pounds of extra cash not just into the NHS — but mental health and social care, as well.
Our plan for the NHS will cut the waiting lists so people can get the care they need.
My final promise is to stop the boats. The scenes of people crossing the channel in dangerous conditions are truly shocking.
Britain will always welcome those fleeing war, famine or brutal regimes abroad.
But many illegal migrants start their journey in perfectly safe countries. And they travel through safe countries to get here.
That is unfair on those who come here legally. Unfair on those with a genuine asylum claim.
And above all, unfair on the British people who play by the rules.
Not least when hardened criminals are among the arrivals, as The Sun has revealed.
We are doing whatever it takes to fix this.
More patrols on French beaches. A new operational command in the Channel. New technology such as drones to spot boats.
But we need to stop people before they pay criminal gangs to bring them to Britain.
In the coming weeks, our new Stop The Boats Bill will change the law to send a message loud and clear.
If you come here illegally, you will be detained and removed.
Those are my five promises. We are halving inflation. Growing the economy. Reducing debt. Cutting waiting lists. And stopping the small boats.
I will deliver
That’s what Sun readers can judge me on in under 1,000 days when it’s for you to decide who will lead the country for the next five years.
Because it is not enough that Sir Keir Starmer has no plan on immigration, no plan on the economy, no plan on education.
It’s not enough that he spends his time playing political games and his values change every time you ask what they are.
It’s not enough that he fails to stand up for women in his own party and for the right of our children to have an undisrupted education.
You have to know that I am focused on your priorities and will deliver for you.
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As your Prime Minister, I will promise only what I can deliver.
And deliver what I promise.
The PM promises to support people with the rising cost of living4The PM promises to support people with the rising cost of livingCredit: GettyAnd he promises to stop the small boats4And he promises to stop the small boatsCredit: PA
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