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Fears for beachgoers as ‘6ft SHARK washes up on popular UK shore’

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FEARS for beachgoers have been growing after a “6ft shark” washed up on a popular UK shore.
The beast was found earlier today on Lepe beach, part of the country park on the Solent in southwest Hampshire.
The '6ft shark' was discovered washed up on Lepe beach in Hampshire2The ‘6ft shark’ was discovered washed up on Lepe beach in HampshireCredit: Facebook/@British Big Game Fishing
It was initially found alive, according to a Facebook post by British Big Game Fishing, but it now appears to have died after getting stranded on the shore.
Speculation has started as to exactly what type of shark it is but so far it has not been properly identified.
One commentator wrote on the site: “Looks exhausted. Obviously came into the shallows to feed, and couldn’t swim back out into the deep.”
Another added: “No more dips in the sea, thank you.”
Shocking moment shark leaps out of the sea and bites parasailer tourist's FOOTBull shark looked me straight in the eye before savaging me to brink of death
A third person said: “S**it man. Gutted about it dying. Does go to show there could be anything out there though man.”
It comes after what was thought to be the fin of a great white shark was spotted stalking the Cornish coast last month.
Swimmers were told to beware as experts called the sighting exciting and terrifying.
Gran Jacquie Williams, 64, noticed the ominous shape 100ft off Gunwalloe beach, Porthleven.

Her son-in-law, Gazza Laidlaw, shared the pic on a Facebook group and said: “Any winter swimmers might want to proceed with extreme caution as it looks rather large.”
Naturalist and shark-spotter ­Hayley Bisofsky-Pope said: “It’s definitely not a porbeagle, basking or thresher shark. This is exciting and terrifying in equal measures.”
And in July last year a woman was bitten on the leg by a blue shark while snorkelling off Penzance.
That was just one of a number of sightings reported along the south coast of England in 2022.
In April, astonishing pictures emerged of what locals in Plymouth, Devon, believed to be an unusual starry smooth-hound shark.
Meanwhile, photos believed to be of a great white shark were captured by James Venn, 42, while he stood on the beach near Goring, West Sussex, on February 4.
The shark is now thought to have died2The shark is now thought to have diedCredit: Facebook/@British Big Game Fishing

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