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David Carrick’s ex says she hopes he finally feels ‘some of the pain’ he caused his victims

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CARRICK’S ex-partner told The Sun that she hopes he finally feels “some of the pain” he caused to so many of his victims.
Speaking after he received a life sentence Rachel, whose surname we are not revealing, called him an “evil man” who would have gone on to do much worse if the brave victims had not come forward.
David Carrick's ex says she hopes he finally feels 'some of the pain' he caused to his victims1David Carrick’s ex says she hopes he finally feels ‘some of the pain’ he caused to his victimsShe met Carrick, 48, on a dating app in 2010 and would see him about twice a month on and off for five years.
Rachel said: “I have waited for this day for the last few years and even more so since he was caught.
“I felt that some justice has been done and most of all I feel relieved knowing no other woman will have to go through what myself and so many others did, hopefully ever again by this man.
“Part of me does feel he should of gone to trial, more so the victims had a chance to really go through their account of events to show him what he did to them however that has been touched on ever so slightly as their statements were able to be read out – I hope every word sunk into him and he feels some of the pain he may of caused them.
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“I personally have come to realise and have to deal with the impact his behaviour towards me has had on my relationships following my interaction with him and ultimately he has caused me a lot of issues with trusting men.
“He has not only had an emotional effect on me but also on any relationship I’ve had since knowing David.
“As much as my interactions with this vile man were consensual, they were certainly not right, I look back now and think “how dare he” and “what is wrong with him”.
“He’s a power hungry and evil man and it doesn’t bear thinking about the lengths he might have gone to had those brave women not come forward.

“I hope 30 years inside prison will make him accountable for his terrible actions.”

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