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Dad-of-three mowed down two 15-year-old boys with his car because they were ‘bullying his son’

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A RAGING dad-of-three mowed down two 15-year-old lads in his car because they were “bullying his son”.
Kevin Connolly, 41, ploughed his Ford Mondeo into the teens after a group they were in hurled a large stone through his porch window.
Kevin Connolly mowed down two 15-year-old lads in his car because they were 'bullying his son', a court heard1Kevin Connolly mowed down two 15-year-old lads in his car because they were ‘bullying his son’, a court heardCredit: Mike GibbonsConnolly’s son raced after them and the dad got into his car – before hunting the lads down and running over their legs repeatedly.
A court heard the boys were with others in the Brucehill area of Dunbarton, Scotland, at around 8.30pm on September 12, 2021.
Prosecutor Leanne McQuillan told the High Court in Glasgow how one of the group – not one of the victims – then threw the rock.
The youths fled the scene as one of the victims jumped into a car – Connolly got behind the wheel of his motor and gave chase.
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The lad exited the car as it approached a park but as he made his way to the entrance, the electrician’s car mounted the pavement.
He struck the boy from behind causing him to fall to the ground, Ms McQuillan said.
The other boy helped the victim to his feet and carried him into the park.
The court heard it was then that Connolly drove his vehicle on to the footpath in the park and then on to the grass where the boys were.

Describing the next moments, the prosecutor said: “He drove at speed towards the other boy and struck him to the right leg causing him to fall to the ground.
“He then drove over both of the other boy’s legs.”
Both were taken to hospital as Connolly fled to his sister’s house in a “terrified” state.
He later told police where he was and reported vandalisms to his property and car, which had damage to it.
Connolly was arrested two days later.
One of the boys was treated for fractures to his foot with metal plates inserted and skin taken from his thigh.
Miss McQuillan said: “He was not able to bear weight on his foot for six weeks and will have permanently reduced mobility.”
The other boy escaped with minor injuries.
First-time offender Connolly initially faced a double attempted murder charge against the boys.
But the Crown on Tuesday accepted guilty pleas to assaulting the boys to the danger of their lives.
Sean Templeton, defending, told the court Connolly’s middle son was subjected to a “campaign” of “bullying and intimidating” by youths.
He added: “This escalated where the intimidation moved from himself to his home.”
Mr Templeton added that Connolly initially went to look for his son, who he thought would be seriously assaulted by the youths.
But he added: “He did not see his son and came across the boys – he was in a panic as he thought his son was going to be set about.
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“And that’s the reason the actions were inflicted the way they did.”
Connolly will be sentenced next month at the High Court in Edinburgh.

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