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Chilling moment brazen husband who pushed pregnant wife off cliff poses for tribute snap at death scene months later

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THIS is the chilling moment a brazen husband who pushed his pregnant wife off a cliff poses for a tribute snap at the scene months later.
Evil Hakan Aysal, 40, shoved Semra, 32, 1,000ft to her death in June 2018.
Hakan Aysal visited the scene of his wife's death months after shoving her 1,000 ft6Hakan Aysal visited the scene of his wife’s death months after shoving her 1,000 ftCredit: NewsflashSemra Aysal was seven months pregnant when her husband pushed off her a cliff6Semra Aysal was seven months pregnant when her husband pushed off her a cliffCredit: NewsflashSemra's final moments were captured on video6Semra’s final moments were captured on videoCredit: NewsflashA court heard how the couple were at the top of a cliff in southern Turkey when they took a beaming selfie just moments before the horrifying moment.
Detectives found he later revisited the spot on the rocky cliff edge in Butterfly Valley, Mugla, after allegedly splashing cash on another holiday.
Posing for a photo Aysal said in a sick tribute message: “A place that was once my paradise no longer has sun.”
Aysal lured Semra, who was seven months pregnant, to the very edge before pushing her over, jurors were told.
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He was sentenced to life in prison and will serve a minimum of 30 years.
In an attempt to challenge the verdict an insanity plea was submitted to the Fethiye High Criminal Court this week – which they rejected.
Medics from the 4th Specialisation Department of Forensic Medicine dismissed claims Aysal wasn’t in a fit mental state at the time of the killing.
Chilling video footage shot by a passerby at the cliff top shows Aysal and his wife – who was afraid of heights – scrambling down a rocky landscape to the edge.

Recep Sahin, who filmed Semra’s last moments alive, took the stand at a previous hearing and told the court: “I stopped there to see the view of Kabak Bay with my family.
“My daughter was filming the view with my phone and the Aysal couple came down the slope at that moment.
“We even joked, ‘either this man will throw the woman off or the woman will throw the man’. There was no interaction between them.”
Another witness said Aysal appeared unusually calm after the incident.
He said: “I was driving there when I saw someone was waving at me, and I stopped.
“Hakan came and said his wife had fallen down the cliff. We immediately got out of the car and started looking for her, but we couldn’t see where she would have landed from where we were.”
“We tried to get closer to the edge for a better look. Hakan did not come with us down there.
“We stayed there until the gendarmerie arrived. Hakan was very carefree and calm. He was not acting like a man whose wife just had fallen off a cliff.”
Shortly after his wife’s death, he claimed a life insurance policy worth £21,700 he had taken out on her behalf.
However it was rejected when police announced an investigation into Semra’s death.
The victim’s older brother, Naim Yolcu, said in a previous hearing: “When we went to the Forensic Medicine Institute to get the body, Hakan was sitting in the car. My family and I were destroyed, but Hakan did not even appear sad.

“My sister was always against taking out loans. However, after she died, we learned she had loans taken out by Hakan on behalf of my sister. ”
He told the court Aysal had a fear of heights and said it made no sense for him to take Semra up a cliff.
Semra was scared of heights6Semra was scared of heightsCredit: NewsflashThe rescue team after finding Semra's body6The rescue team after finding Semra’s bodyCredit: NewsflashSemra with husband Hakan moments before her death6Semra with husband Hakan moments before her deathCredit: Newsflash
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