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Chilling moment April Jones’ ‘fantasist’ killer Mark Bridger lied to police during interrogation

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THE chilling moment April Jones’ killer Mark Bridger lied to police has been revealed.
April, five, vanished from her Wales home a decade ago but her body has never been found.
April Jones, five, was murdered in Wales2April Jones, five, was murdered in WalesCredit: PA:Press AssociationMark Bridger was sentenced to a life behind bars for her abduction and murder2Mark Bridger was sentenced to a life behind bars for her abduction and murderCredit: PA:Press AssociationIn a new three-part Channel 4 documentary, the youngster’s disappearance has been looked into.
Episode two, which airs tonight, shows clips from killer Bridger’s police interviews.
He claimed April’s death was an accident and he had hit her with his car.
Beginning to cry, Bridger told cops: “The next minute the bike was there. I started the car up and as I went to pull away, there wasn’t a thud, I can’t understand.
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“The car rose up, as I opened the car I walked round and underneath the front of the car is… April.
“She was only little so I picked her up and put her across my seat and put her in the passenger seat.
“I tried to take her pulse and there was nothing. I put my mouth over her mouth and went to blow and put my hand back on her chest and that’s when I realised, one side of her chest wasn’t there.
“I’d obviously crushed her little body.

“That’s when I realised the colour had gone out of her. Her lips were purple. Paul and Coral are friends of mine and I’ve killed their daughter.”
Although the girl’s body has never been discovered, DNA evidence found during the search of Mark’s home convinced police that she had been brutally murdered.
Described as “absolutely warped” by the local force, Bridger insisted he didn’t know where the body was.
Bridger said: “She’s not there and I can’t find her.
“I wouldn’t have ditched her, I know that, I would have put her somewhere, but I can’t remember what I’ve done.
“I don’t know where I put her.”
Police said Bridger claimed to be an alcoholic and couldn’t remember where April was.
Bridger was asked about the river and caves near his home and if he had dumped the body there.
He said: “She’s a human being so I’ve possibly put her somewhere.
“I wouldn’t have put her in the bin because that’s disgusting but I might have put her in a shelter or covered up.
“I wouldn’t want her…does that make sense?
“I lay there and that’s all I think about”.
Dave Roberts, for Dyfed Powys Police, said Bridger’s lies weren’t making any sense.
He said: “Total bull*** – doesn’t make any sense.
“He obviously convinced himself that what he said had happened, had actually happened and he was trying to convince everyone else of the same.
“Warped. Absolutely warped.”
Sparking the biggest manhunt in British police history, it took only five days for police to gather “sufficient evidence”.
Mark Bridger was sentenced to a life behind bars for her abduction and murder.
April’s family have since opened up about what they went through when she went missing.
April’s sister Jazz and mum Coral participated in the programme.
Jazz remembered the last time she saw her sister on that evening in October.
The now 27-year-old said: “I remember we were just by the back gate, a little bit, just from the back gate.
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“I remember saying to April, I gave her a massive hug and I said, ‘I’m going now, I’ll see you later, I love you’.
“And she went off to play.”

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