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Brit ‘assassin’ using alias ‘Batman’ arrested over ‘gangland hit in Cambodia’ after cops spot distinctive spider tattoo

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A BRIT “assassin” using the alias “Batman” has been arrested over a suspected gangland hit after cops spotted his distinctive spider tattoo.
The victim was shot dead execution style on Christmas Eve in the centre of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which sparked a major police probe.
Pictured is the Brit "assassin" with the distinctive spider tattoo4Pictured is the Brit “assassin” with the distinctive spider tattooCredit: Not known, clear with picture deskPolice confiscated weapons from the man's possession during the arrest4Police confiscated weapons from the man’s possession during the arrestCredit: Not known, clear with picture deskThe alleged suspect is a British man, 31, who is believed to be a contract killer known as “Batman”, according to local authorities.
He goes by several aliases including James Spader but his true identity is currently unknown.
A picture of the Brit has been released by police, which showed him with a distinctive spider tattoo on his neck and a wispy moustache.
The assassination happened in front of a luxury apartment building in the affluent district Tonle Basak.
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Footage obtained from CCTV showed the moment the victim, Serbian national Strahinja Dackovic, walked out of the building to approach a white car parked out front.
As he opened the vehicle’s door, he was shot and staggered to the ground while the suspect fled.
Local media reported witnesses heard at least three gunshots fired at the time of the murder.
Dackovic was rushed to Calmette hospital but died soon after.

The Serbian man had lived in Cambodia for eight years prior to his death.
Subsequently, Cambodian authorities deployed a special task force to arrest the suspect.
Cops said: ” We arrested a foreign man on February 14 on charges of shooting a man to death in front of the Peak Building on the night of December 24 at about 11.40pm.”
“The Phnom Penh Police Commission and special agents followed the investigation to arrest a suspect related to the murder.
“The suspect is a 31-year-old English male.
“The shooting was connected to gangs.
“We found clues leading to a hitman called Batman.
“It took a long time before we could find him and we still do not know his real name and he is not cooperating.”
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Police confiscated one handgun, a black ruger and one flick-knife from the man’s possession during the arrest.
Investigators are building a case to be sent to prosecutors in Phnom Penh for legal proceedings.
The victim was Serbian national Strahinja Dackovic4The victim was Serbian national Strahinja DackovicCredit: Not known, clear with picture deskThe killing happened in Cambodia's capital city, Phnom Penh4The killing happened in Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom PenhCredit: ViralPress
Story Credit: thesun.co.uk

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