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Brand new Banksy is RUINED in under 24 hours as mystery group of workers haul away key part of artwork

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A BANKSY mural has been ruined just 24 hours after it appeared – with council workers removing a key part of the artwork.
The brand-new mural on the side of a building in Margate, Kent, Valentine’s Day Mascara, showed a bruised 1950s housewife in an apron and washing-up gloves pushing a man into a freezer.
Council workers in Kent ruined a brand-new Banksy mural4Council workers in Kent ruined a brand-new Banksy muralCredit: AFPAnd the faceless artist confirmed it was the latest piece in his string of public artworks today – sharing a photo of the piece on his Instagram.
The art shows a bruised woman appearing to push a man into a freezer.
But just 24 hours after the artwork was noticed, workers have removed the freezer – ruining the mural.
The workers were working on behalf of Thanet Council – with one telling a local “it’s my job” when quizzed over why it had been taken.
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KentOnline reported that in video footage posted online, a man can be heard asking contractors: “You do know it’s a Banksy, yeah?”
A contractor replies: “I’m fully aware of that and so’s my boss, who’s asked me to do this.”

The man asks: “How do you feel having to do this?”
The contractor replies: “It’s my job.”
Banksy often turns his artwork into performance pieces – most notably the Love Hurts piece that self destructed after being sold at auction.
But the move has outraged locals who called the move “a disgrace”.
Fuming Margate councillor Barry Lewis told Isle of Thanet News: “It’s a disgrace. This brought international acclaim to Margate and within hours Thanet council has destroyed a valuable asset to the town.
“The council leader should resign.”
Bystander Dan-Bambridge Higgins tweeted: “You can’t get them to sort out any fly tipping but hilariously sad that the instant reaction to Banksy in Margate by Thanet Council is to remove it!”
Mark Delaney said: “Talk about Thanet Council shooting themselves in the foot. How petty.”
ITV Meridian reporter Joe Coshan said: “Extraordinary scenes here in Margate – a removal team has been sent to remove the fly tipped fridge because of health and safety.
“A gallery were sent by the house owner to protect it but they’ve arrived too late.”
It’s a disgrace. The council leader should resignCouncillor Barry Lewis
A local mum who was among the first to notice the mural watched council workers take it apart.
Megan first noticed the piece on Sunday afternoon on February 12, 2023, after seeing a “white van” and a “guy in a big orange jacket” pulling into the car park that morning.
Megan and her partner, Joss Lavender, 31, a plumber, are excited people are coming to their neighbourhood to see the graffiti.
But the mum-of-one alleges the council have already started dismantling the art – removing a saucepan, chair and freezer.
Megan, a stay-at-home mum, from Margate, Kent, said: “The council have removed a chair, a saucepan and have just taken the fridge in a van.
“It seems bizarre, it’s just the painting left.
“The fridge was definitely a big part of the piece.”
The couple spotted a white van and a man in a “big orange coat” on the Sunday morning.
When they left their house in the early afternoon, they then noticed the artwork.
Megan said: “I thought it was Banksy straight away, and there was another guy photographing it which made me believe it was someone well known.
“I guess it’s exciting. This area can be a bit dull at this time of year and it’s bringing a bit of light.
“It’s an important and brutal message.
“There isn’t enough help out there for domestic violence often leading people to take it into their own hands.”
The couple have taken their son, River, two, to see the graffiti and are excited to tell him what happened when he is old enough to understand.
Megan said: “Margate is really up and coming and it’s nice to bring people to our little corner.
“Anything that can bring people together is great.”
Megan owns her flat and has lived there since April 2022, but is uncertain whether the value will increase due to its close proximity to the artwork.
She added: “I’m not too sure if it will.
“Of course, it would be a bonus, but I assume the house that it is painted on will go up in price.”
Thanet District Council said: “We are aware that the graffiti artist known as Banksy has confirmed that the mural that has appeared recently in Margate is his. 
“The graffiti is situated on a wall of a privately owned property.
“A fridge freezer which is believed to have been part of the installation has been removed by council operatives on the grounds of safety as it was on public land. 
“The fridge freezer is now in storage and will be returned once it has been made safe to the public.
“We will be contacting the owner of the property to discuss the options to preserve the artwork for the district.”
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It comes after The Sun revealed that locals in Dover are furious after their council vowed to rip down a wall with a £1m Banksy original painted on it.
We also revealed that a Pembroke Dock councillor had to resign after false allegations that he was Banksy.
Furious locals demanded answers from the contractors4Furious locals demanded answers from the contractorsCredit: PAContractors carry away the freezer after ruining the Banksy mural4Contractors carry away the freezer after ruining the Banksy muralCredit: ITVThe mural before it was defaced4The mural before it was defacedCredit: AFP
Story Credit: thesun.co.uk

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