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Archie Battersbee sent heartbreaking texts to mum before dying – as inquest says he didn’t deliberately take own life

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ARCHIE Battersbee sent heartbreaking messages to his mum about being depressed before he was found collapsed, an inquest heard.
The 12-year-old died on August 6 when his life support was withdrawn despite a landmark legal battle to keep him alive.
Archie was found unresponsive by his mum at home4Archie was found unresponsive by his mum at homeCredit: PAMum Hollie Dance had discovered him unconscious at home in Essex on April 7.
A coroner today ruled Archie died due to an “accident” and “did not intend to take his own life”.
He also concluded there was no evidence the schoolboy was taking part in an online challenge like previously believed.
The hearing was told how Archie had messaged Hollie in the months before the horror about his mood.
Archie's mum say she now doesn't know how he died after blaming online challengeArchie Battersbee’s mum hits back after being trolled over party at son’s grave
In one, the schoolboy told her he was “so depressed at the moment”.
Archie sent another text where he referenced wanting to “give up on everything”.
The inquest was also told the schoolboy had received a voice note on his phone dated April 3.
In the audio, a young male voice could be heard saying: “Oi Archie, do you know why you’re angry?

“Because your mum wanted you to be an abortion.”
Detective Sergeant Tiffany Gore said another voice note from the same date was also found.
The court there was a “heated exchange” on February 15 with a “number of voice notes”.
Essex’s senior coroner Lincoln Brookes said: “One could characterise it as a heated exchange of bravado where each are threatening and saying they know someone who could harm (the other).”
His mum previously said he may have been taking part in a viral challenge at the time he was found unresponsive.
But in her evidence, Hollie said she cannot be sure of her original claims and believes Archie died by “accident”.
Asked how she thinks her son died, she replied: “I think he climbed on the banister and probably fell, causing serious injury to his neck, resulting in unconsciousness.”
The hearing was told police recovered 695 images and 282 videos from Archie’s phone.
None of these contained evidence of Archie taking part in any online challenges.
But the officer said Archie had TikTok and she “can’t say with absolute certainty that Archie didn’t see an online challenge” or something containing “suicidal thoughts”.
The inquest was told that although there was evidence he had been in a “low mood” previously, Archie was “very much looking forward” before his death.
His headteacher at Earls Hall Primary School, Matthew Badcock, said: “My gut reaction is that Archie was not trying to kill himself.
“He adored his mum and I can’t believe he would do anything like that to upset her.”
The inquest also heard from family members, who described the teen as a “joker”.
His older half brother Thomas Summers said on the day Archie collapsed, the teen had called to ask where he had got a coat from.
He added: “I do not believe Archie would have intentionally harmed himself in any way when just a few hours before he was looking to buy a coat.”
Hollie yesterday revealed the harrowing moments after she discovered Archie unresponsive in his room.
She told the hearing she ran outside “screaming” as an ambulance was scrambled to the family home.
Hollie added: “I was asked to sit on the stairs. I was crying hysterically
“I was saying ‘please don’t leave mummy, I love you little man’.
“I repeated that over and over again, I just didn’t want him to leave me. Everything seemed in slow motion.”
Archie’s parents launched a mammoth legal battle to keep their son alive after he was found unconscious.
But they lost their fight at every hurdle, with judges ruling that keeping his life support switched on was not in the youngster’s “best interests”.
In his ruling, the coroner said Archie was like “many 12-year-olds” who go through “lows and highs”.
He said the “happy go lucky” and “cheeky chappy” his mum portrayed him as was the same Archie she saw on April 7.
The coroner added: “He had plans later that day and big plans for his first MMA fight and it was a very big deal for him and he was looking forward to and training for.
“Am I satisfied on the balance of probabilities that he intended [to take is own life] – the answer is no.”
“It’s my view that this was an accident”.
He also paid tribute to Archie and said his death would “clearly leave a huge hole” in people’s lives.
The coroner said to his family: “You have given me an insight into this young man, what he had achieved and what he looked like he would achieve.
“You are quite right to be proud of this young man.”
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Archie died after a legal battle to keep his life support in4Archie died after a legal battle to keep his life support inCredit: PAHis mum Hollie Dance had found him unresponsive4His mum Hollie Dance had found him unresponsiveCredit: PAThe mum recalled Archie's last moments4The mum recalled Archie’s last momentsCredit: PA

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