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£100,000 of fines owed to motorists after road sign u-turn – will you get cash back?

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MOTORISTS are in line to get £100,000-worth of fines handed back to them after a council did a road sign u-turn.
South London’s Lambeth Council is set to repay the money due to its confusing road signs.
Lambeth Council is set to repay £100,000 in fines to motorists over confusing road signs in Balham1Lambeth Council is set to repay £100,000 in fines to motorists over confusing road signs in BalhamCredit: AlamyThe authority dished out 1,635 fines to motorists who used Hydethorpe Road in Balham between May and November 2022.
Cars were banned from the road during drop-off and pick-up times at a primary school when new restrictions came into place in spring last year.
However, the council removed them after it faced almost 400 challenges from motorists who said the signs were hard to read.
Initially, the Labour-led council rejected the appeals apart from those from 10 people, however, it has now performed an embarrassing u-turn and said it will repay all the fines.
Missing this vital car check could cost you up to £10,000 and 12 penalty pointsWhat the law states on driving 1mph over the speed limit
Lambeth currently has permanent traffic restrictions around 20 schools in the borough.
It set up its first no-car zones in 2019.
Liberal Democrats branded the situation as “shambolic”.
Councillor Donna Harris, who represents the ward of Streatham Hill West and Thornton said: “You have to ask, why didn’t the council put the right signage up in the first place and why did it take them months to admit their mistake?”

A Lambeth Council spokesperson said: “We acknowledged that the signage in place at this location, although compliant, needed better positioning.
“We have therefore taken the decision to refund any penalty charge notices issued and will cancel any that are outstanding.”
The council added it would cancel any PCNs issued on the road until December 9.
In October 2022, drivers were left baffled after a confusing road sign left them wondering which way to turn.
The ridiculous sign appeared in Downham Market, Norfolk, at the junction of Lady Drove and the A1122 where roadworks were taking place.
The baffling road sign said “road ahead closed” but just underneath it stated “access only”.
To make things even more confusing, it also has two sets of arrows pointing drivers both east-bound and west-bound.
It came as one woman won a landmark case over an incredibly confusing road sign that hat caught thousands of motorists out.
Meanwhile, drivers slammed a council for making some embarassing mistakes on road signs.

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