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WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Roundtable: Predictions, winners & more

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Now that the Royal Rumble has come and gone, we have one more stop on the road to WrestleMania 39. WWE presents its Elimination Chamber event on February 18. 

Inside Canada’s Bell Centre, there will be two Elimination Chamber matches. An important title bout is also booked for the event, as Roman Reigns defends the Undisputed WWE Universal Title against hometown favorite Sami Zayn. The winner of that faces Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania inside SoFi Stadium. 

Who will secure their spot on the card of WrestleMania 39? 

Sporting News writers Liam O’Loughlin, Andreas Hale, and Dan Yanofsky joined forces to chat storylines and offer their predictions.

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Who will win the men’s Elimination Chamber match? 

Liam: This is completely unpredictable, exactly how a Chamber match should be. It’s also likely to be a high-quality match, given the level of the six performers involved.

Austin Theory has done a good job as U.S. Champion, but he looks set for a bout with John Cena at WrestleMania, and that match doesn’t need the title. Seth Rollins is also destined for a high-profile singles match in Los Angeles, so it’s hard to see him winning a mid-card title. Johnny Gargano and Bronson Reed are both viable options – but this seems like a perfect opportunity to strap the rocket to Montez Ford. In a completely unpredictable match it would be great to see a dark horse come out on top. 

Andreas: Austin Theory should emerge as the winner in the men’s Elimination Chamber match and retain his United States Championship in the process. For months it has felt like the WWE has been angling for a match between John Cena and Austin Theory, and this is the last stop to get there, should Cena sign on to appear at WrestleMania.

With Seth Rollins clearly tied up with Logan Paul, the rest of the field has little reason to win, outside of perhaps Johnny Gargano. I fully expect Montez Ford to have his coming out party but fall short, setting the stage for his singles run. Reed and Priest will have solid showings, but neither need to win this. Gargano could be the fallback plan in the event Cena isn’t available. He and Theory have a history and could have a fantastic singles match at WrestleMania. But it’s Theory who has all the momentum and should keep it rolling heading into the WWE’s biggest show of the year.

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Dan: This Elimination Chamber match features several top WWE stars. It also features a high-flyer in Montez Ford, who will look to steal the show. However, it is hard to see WWE pulling the trigger on a Ford singles run this soon. Johnny Gargano winning would help his street credibility after a rough start to his return to WWE, and Bronson Reed winning helps grow his status as a monster. However, they both don’t seem to have crowd support. Damian Priest may be busy with Edge down the road, so the former winning, like the others, doesn’t quite add up. 

Rivals Seth “Freakin’” Rollins and Austin Theory are the likely two to be the last men standing. However, Theory should retain the belt, setting up a potential feud with John Cena, rumored for WrestleMania.

Who will win the women’s Elimination Chamber match?

Liam: If the U.S. Title match is unpredictable, this No.1 contender’s match for the women is the complete opposite. Out of the six women involved, there is no chance of four of them winning and going into WrestleMania in a world title match. Raquel Rodriguez hasn’t set the world on fire since moving up from NXT but is fresh enough to give a spotlight to. She could also have a good match and story with champion Bianca Belair. But if we are putting a prediction out there, Asuka is the only logical choice to win this match and the only performer hot enough and big enough to have a marquee match in Los Angeles. 

Andreas: The women’s Elimination Chamber match really only has one logical winner, and that is none other than Asuka. With new music and face paint to match her violent Kana persona from the Japanese independent circuit, Asuka is in a prime position to present a different challenge for Bianca Belair. It’s almost too predictable, given the field of challengers. Nikki Cross appears to be infatuated with Candice LeRae, Liv Morgan is trying to find herself after an underwhelming title run, Carmella just returned to action, Raquel Rodriguez is a white meat babyface at the moment, and Natalya is only there for the Canadian pop.

Belair needs an opponent who can match her intensity and who she has never beaten in a one-on-one match. That’s Asuka. 

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Dan: As Liam pointed out, the women’s Elimination Chamber bout appears predictable. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be an excellent match. 

Bianca Belair is on a roll but needs a true challenge at WrestleMania. Natalya and Carmella are out, along with Raquel Rodriguez, due to how they are booked. Nikki Cross would be a wild card pick, but the only real option is Asuka. Since donning her Kana persona at the Royal Rumble, Asuka has looked unstoppable. A match between Belair and Asuka would tear the roof off SoFi Stadium. It only makes sense the two clash following this match. 

Who will win: Roman Reigns or Sami Zayn?

Liam: While the PPV is named after the Elimination Chamber match, this is the bout that has everyone talking. This lengthy story with Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns, and the entire Bloodline will finally culminate in front of Zayn’s adoring hometown fans in Montreal. Unfortunately, while many hope to see Zayn walk out with the title, it won’t be the case.

Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes is the match for WrestleMania, and Zayn’s story has been more with The Usos and Kevin Owens than with “The Tribal Chief” himself. Regardless of who walks out with the straps, this one is going to be a beauty.

Andreas: There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Roman Reigns will retain against Sami Zayn. The destination has always been Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, regardless of how hot Sami Zayn has become over the past few months. Perhaps of more importance is the fact that many have lost sight of the real story: Sami Zayn and Jey Uso. The entire Bloodline narrative has been about their friction. It will come full circle at Elimination Chamber, with the added element of fellow Canadian Kevin Owens reuniting with his estranged friend (Zayn) to close the show and set up an epic tag team title match with the Usos at WrestleMania. 

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Reigns could come out and squash Zayn, but it’s more likely that the former will need a low blow or some early cheat to get the advantage and dispatch of the former Honorary Uce. Jey Uso will pledge allegiance to his real family, and battle lines will be drawn between blood brothers and two wrestlers who are like brothers to absolutely tear down the house in the most highly anticipated tag team title match in recent memory.

Dan: A storyline months in the making is finally ready to reach its conclusion. Unless, the fans have anything to say about it. 

Sami Zayn is white-hot right now, and his feud with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline is the best thing in WWE. It is a true WrestleMania-worthy match. However, WWE is still sticking with their guns by having Cody Rhodes fight the champion in April. 

Zayn is the hometown hero and Reigns is the despised villain. The former winning would be shocking, but Reigns’ 900+ day reign as champion probably shouldn’t end anywhere outside of WrestleMania. WWE put themselves in a corner. The end result of this show will be Reigns having his hands raised. But how we get to that point should be interesting to monitor. 

As always, expect a very vocal Montreal crowd. 

Credit: sportingnews.com

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