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World Series wins by team: Who has the most championships in MLB history?

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The 2022 MLB season is down to the Astros and Phillies. One of those franchises will come away with a World Series title, adding to their previous championships.

A win for the Astros would mark their second World Series title; the first came in 2017. The Phillies are seeking their third title, with the previous two having come in 1980 and 2008.

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While there will not be a first-time champion this year, neither franchise has had much World Series success relative to other MLB teams. Multiple franchises have racked up more impressive totals, and one team stands alone at the top.

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Who has the most World Series victories? And how many does each franchise have? The Sporting News takes a look.

Who has won the most World Series in MLB history?

One team far and away leads in World Series appearances and titles: the Yankees. New York has won 27 World Series and has appeared in 40 total. No team has won more than 11, and no team has appeared in more than 25. The Cardinals are the only other team with double-digit World Series victories.

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  Team Appearances Titles
1 Yankees 40 27
2 Cardinals 23 11
T-3 Athletics 15 9
T-3 Red Sox 14 9
5 Giants 23 8
6 Dodgers 25 7
T-7 Reds 10 5
T-7 Pirates 9 5
T-9 Braves 18 4
T-9 Tigers 11 4
T-11 Cubs 17 3
T-11 Orioles 7 3
T-11 White Sox 6 3
T-11 Twins 6 3
T-15 Phillies 8 2
T-15 Guardians 6 2
T-15 Mets 5 2
T-15 Royals 4 2
T-15 Marlins 2 2
T-15 Blue Jays 2 2
T-21 Astros 5 1
T-21 Diamondbacks 1 1
T-21 Angels 1 1
T-21 Nationals 1 1
T-25 Padres 2 0
T-25 Rays 2 0
T-25 Rangers 2 0
T-25 Rockies 1 0
T-25 Brewers 1 0
T-25 Mariners 0 0

(Data via Baseball Refence)

How many MLB teams have never won the World Series?

Six franchises have never won a World Series title: the Brewers, Mariners, Padres, Rays, Rangers and Rockies. Of that group, the Mariners are the only team to have never appeared in the Fall Classic.

The Guardians have the longest World Series title drought at 74 years. Their most recent win came in 1948. They last appeared in the World Series in 2016.


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