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World Series umpire scorecards: How each of MLB’s umpires for Astros vs. Phillies graded during 2022 season

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The World Series is the biggest stage in baseball. All eyes are on the best-of-seven series at the end of the season as two teams battle to be crowned the champion of the sport.

And with everyone watching, Major League Baseball wants to make sure they have the best umpires calling the series to limit the questionable calls and eye rolls that come with missed ball and strike calls, among other big moments during games.

While MLB has its down data that it reviews to determine the best umpires, there is another resources that tracks the performance of umps throughout the season. Umpire Scorecards, a site created by Boston University undergrad Ethan Singer and University of Pennsylvania undergrad Ethan Schwartz, tracks all the calls made by umpires during the season and gives percentages on correct calls and incorrect calls, as well as a number of other stats. For contest on the stats, there are 96 umpires tracked in the data.

How did the umpires calling the World Series fare during the World Series? Here’s a look at their scorecards.

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World Series umpire scorecards

Umpire Games Accuracy Accuracy Above Expected Average Consistency Umpire Average Favor Average Total Run Impact
Jordan Baker 32 94.3 0.96 93.6 0.4 1.2
Dan Iassogna 31 92.8 -0.52 93.2 0.5 1.4
Tripp Gibson 31 95 1.07 94.2 0.5 1.1
James Hoye 30 93.5 0.18 93.5 0.5 1.2
Alan Porter 29 94.3 1.44 93.2 0.4 1.3
Pat Hoberg 29 95.3 1.81 94.3 0.4 1
Lance Barksdale 27 94.5 1.68 93.3 0.5 1.2

Jordan Baker scorecard

Baker has put together a standout season behind the plate. He is tied for 22nd among umpires in accuracy at 94.3 and he ranks 19th in correct calls above expected at 47.3. His average total run impact of 1.2 is tied for 30th among umpires.

Dan Iassogna scorecard

Based on his umpire scorecard, Dan Iassogna was more on the bottom end of the umpiring spectrum. His 92.8 accuracy percentage was the 16th-lowest in baseball, and he was the 19th-lowest in accuracy above expected at -0.52. He also was a fairly inconsistent umpire, tied for 24th-lowest in the league. His umpiring has also had an average total impact of 1.4, which is tied for the 16th-highest.

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Tripp Gibson scorecard

Only one umpire on this crew had a higher accuracy rate of correct calls this season than Gibson. He was correct on 95 percent of calls, though he ranked only 22nd in accuracy above expected. He ranked 11th in consistency at 94.2 percent, which made him the second-most consistent umpire in the crew.

James Hoye scorecard

Hoye ranks about in the middle of the field in most categories. He had just 7.8 correct calls above expected, which ranked 54th among umpires, while his accuracy of 93.5 percent was tied for 5th. He was tied for the 47th-most consistent umpire in the league at 93.5 percent. At 1.2 average total run impact, he is tied for 30th.

Alan Porter scorecard

Porter has had a standout season behind the plate. He’s ranked 22nd in accuracy at 94.3 percent, and ranked fifth in correct calls above expected at 67.3. He also ranked eighth in accuracy above expected at 1.44. His worst game of the season saw him still have an accuracy of 91.4 percent, which is tied for the third-best among umpires.

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Pat Hoberg scorecard

In terms of pure accuracy, only Jeremie Rehak had a higher rate of correct calls this year than Hoberg’s 95.3 percent, and his 1.81 accuracy above expected ranked third among umpires. Hoberg also ranked as the sixth-most consistent umpire in baseball at 94.3 percent. As a result, his calls also only had an average total runs impacted of one during the season, tied for the second-lowest in 2022.

Lance Barksdale scorecard

Like Hoberg, Barksdale ranks toward the top in most umpiring categories. He has the fourth-highest correct calls above expected at 68.8 and is tied for 17th in accuracy at 94.5 percent. He also ranked sixth in accuracy above expected at 1.68. The one area in which he struggled was consistency. Barksdale was tied for the 33rd-lowest consistency percentage at 93.3 percent.

Credit: sportingnews.com

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