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World Cup final hat tricks: Has a player ever scored three goals or more in a FIFA championship match for title?

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Scoring in a World Cup final is a memorable moment in a footballing career and some of the greatest players in history have made their mark on the biggest stage.

From Pele to Gerd Muller, to modern icons including Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo Nazario, the World Cup final has seen stars step up to the occasion.

One goal in a World Cup can the make a player a national hero, with two or more goals certain to secure iconic status.

A hat trick has proven to be elusive for generations of star names with just one player holding the proud record of scoring a World Cup final hat trick.

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World Cup final hat tricks

A trivia question instantly answered by England fans: Who is the only player to score a hat trick in a World Cup final?

Geoff Hurst’s three goals secured the most famous result in English football history as Sir Alf Ramsey’s side beat West Germany 4-2 in the 1966 final at Wembley Stadium.

Hurst’s early header cancelled out Helmut Haller’s opener in London, but it was his iconic extra time brace which sealed the win, and coined the iconic ‘They think it’s all over’ reaction from match commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme.

Players to score two goals in a World Cup final

Whilst Hurst’s record remains untouched ahead of the 2022 final, other names have registered two goals in a World Cup final, with seven players scoring a brace.

Alongside Hurst’s three goals inspiring England to victory in 1966, all seven players with two goals in a World Cup final have gone on to lift the trophy.

World Cup Finals – Two Goals Scored
Player Year Country Opponent Final Score Time of Goals
Ronaldo 2002 Brazil Germany Brazil 2-0 Germany 67′, 79′
Zinedine Zidane 1998 France Brazil France 3-0 Brazil 27, 45+1′
Mario Kempes 1978 Argentina Netherlands Argentina 3-1 Netherlands 38, 105
Pele 1958 Brazil Sweden Brazil 5-2 Sweden 55′, 90′
Vava 1958 Brazil Sweden Brazil 5-2 Sweden 9′, 32′
Helmut Rahn 1954 West Germany Hungary West Germany 3 Hungary 2 18′, 84
Gino Colaussi 1938 Italy Hungary Italy 4 Hungary 2 6′, 35′
Silvio Piola 1938 Italy Hungary Italy 4 Hungary 2 16, 82′

All time World Cup hat tricks

There have been 52 total hat tricks in World Cup history, with 49 players accounting for those feats. Just Fontaine (1958), Gerd Muller (1970) and Gabriel Batistuta (1994 and 1998) have multiple World Cup hat tricks. 

The edition that has seen more hat tricks than any other to this point was the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland, when eight were struck. That included two in the same match, Austria 7-5 Switzerland, from opposing players Theodor Wagner and Josef Hugi.

Through World Cup history, only one edition of the tournament has failed to see a hat trick netted, the 2006 World Cup which was held in Germany. 

The first-ever hat trick at a World Cup was scored by an American, Bert Patenaude, at the Uruguay 1930 tournament. 

List of all hat tricks scored at the World Cup 

Year Player Team Opponent Stage Final Result
2022 Goncalo Ramos Portugal Switzerland Round of 16 W 6-1
2018 Harry Kane England Panama Group W 6-1
2018 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Spain Group D 3-3
2014 Xherdan Shaqiri Switzerland Honduras Group W 3-0
2014 Thomas Muller Germany Portugal Group W 4-0
2010 Gonzalo Higuain Argentina South Korea Group W 4-1
2002 Pauleta Portugal Poland Group W 4-0
2002 Miroslav Klose Germany Saudi Arabia Group  W 8-0
1998 Gabriel Batistuta Argentina Jamaica Group  W 5-0
1994 Oleg Salenko Russia Cameroon Group W 6-1
1994 Gabriel Batistuta Argentina Greece Group  W 4-0
1990 Tomas Skuhravy Czechoslovakia Costa Rica Round of 16 W 4-1
1990 Michel Spain South Korea Group W 3-1
1986 Emiliano Butrageuno Spain Denmark Round of 16 W 5-1
1986 Igor Belanov Soviet Union Belgium Round of 16 L 3-4 (aet)
1986 Gary Lineker England Poland Group W 3-0
1986 Preben Elkjaer Denmark Uruguay Group W 6-1
1982 Paolo Rossi Italy  Brazil Second Group W 3-2
1982 Zbigniew Boniek Poland Belgium Second Group W 3-0
1982 Karl-Heinz Rummenigge West Germany Chile Group W 4-1
1982 Laszlo Kiss Hungary El Salvador Group  W 10-1
1978 Teofilo Cubillas Peru Iran Group W 4-1
1978 Rob Rensenbrink Netherlands Iran Group W 3-0
1974 Andrzej Szarmach Poland Haiti Group W 7-0
1974 Dusan Bajevic Yugoslavia Zaire Group W 9-0
1970 Gerd Muller West Germany Peru Group W 3-1
1970 Gerd Muller West Germany Bulgaria Group W 5-2
1966 Geoff Hurst England West Germany Final W 4-2 (aet)
1966 Eusebio Portugal North Korea Quarterfinals W 5-3
1962 Florian Albert Hungary Bulgaria Group W 6-1
1958 Just Fontaine France West Germany Third place match  W 6-3
1958 Pele Brazil France Semifinals W 5-2
1958 Just Fontaine France Paraguay Group W 7-3
1954 Josef Hugi Switzerland Austria Quarterfinals L 5-7
1954 Theodor Wagner Austria Switzerland Quarterfinals W 7-5
1954 Max Morlock West Germany Turkey Group W 7-2
1954 Burhan Sargin Turkey South Korea Group W 7-0
1954 Sandor Kocsis Hungary West Germany Group W 8-3
1954 Carlos Borges Uruguay Scotland Group W 7-0
1954 Erich Probst Austria Czechoslovakia Group W 5-0
1954 Sandor Kocsis Hungary South Korea Group W 9-0
1950 Ademir Brazil Sweden Final group stage W 7-1
1950 Oscar Miguez Uruguay Bolivia First group stage W 8-0
1938 Harry Anderson Sweden Cuba Quarterfinals W 8-0
1938 Gustav Wetterstrom Sweden Cuba Quarterfinals W 8-0
1938 Leonidas Brazil Poland Round of 16 W 6-5 (aet)
1938 Ernst Wilimowski Poland Brazil Round of 16 L 6-5 (aet)
1934 Oldrich Nejedly Czechoslovakia Germany Semifinals W 3-1
1934 Edmund Conen Germany Belgium Round of 16 W 5-2
1934 Angelo Schiavio Italy USA Round of 16 W 7-1
1930 Pedro Cea Uruguay Yugoslavia Semifinals W 6-1
1930 Guillermo Stabile Argentina Mexico Group W 6-3
1930 Bert Patenaude USA Paraguay Group W 3-0 


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