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Will Sean McVay leave the Rams? Lucrative broadcasting offer may still be awaiting Rams coach

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Sean McVay is no stranger to rumors. The 36-year-old coach has seen questions posited about his future in the NFL since he took over as head coach with the Rams in 2017 at age 30. For whatever, reason, there’s been an obsession over “what’s next” rather than “what’s now.”

After the Rams won the Super Bowl last season, the questions around McVay’s future reached a fever pitch. He and Aaron Donald’s futures were both obscured to the NFL world, and although McVay wasn’t particularly vocal about wanting to move on, but others did the speculating for him.

After McVay was reportedly offered a $100 million deal by Amazon to be brought on as an analyst, McVay finally spoke on his future, iterating his commitment to coaching while not closing the door on broadcasting.

“Just the timing and everything that surrounded it, it’s very flattering. I’m humbled by it,” McVay said following the Super Bowl win, per the New York Post. “To say that down the line that [broadcasting] is not something I’m very intrigued by would not be accurate, but I’m totally committed to coaching.”

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However, with the Rams’ struggles this year, the book is reopened on McVay and what’s next. Could he leave the Rams? The reasons to do so are starting to pile up.

Why Sean McVay could leave the Rams

He will be in demand as a TV analyst

McVay almost certainly has a future in broadcasting when he wants to leave the sidelines. He’s proven to be a remarkably bright NFL mind and he’s extremely popular among fans.

That means that, whenever he does decide to stop being on the sidelines, he’ll have an opportunity to provide analysis in a more low-pressure setting than coaching a team in Los Angeles.

If the rumors about McVay’s previous offer from Amazon were true, that’s a lucrative deal that could be hard to turn down, particularly if Fox, CBS, NBC, or ESPN start bidding for him.

Ever since Tony Romo became a phenomenon for his commentary, networks have been looking for fresh-out-of-the-league voices because of their keen eye for the contemporary game. McVay could be the perfect candidate for that voice.

The Rams’ struggles this year

The Rams haven’t been bitten by an injury bug this year. They’ve been eviscerated by it. It’s important to lead with that to contextualize why they’ve struggled so much this season.

Nevertheless, the Rams are 3-9 on the season and their QB room now consists of John Wolford, Bryce Perkins, and Baker Mayfield. To be a quarterback guru, there has to be a high ceiling. No one can save that room of play-callers.

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With Matthew Stafford now out for the year, McVay could well look for an out at the end of the season. Broadcasting is clearly on his short list.

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Is this the world’s worst Super Bowl hangover? Or is this who the Rams are? Which leads us to…

No clear path for a future

To be clear about this: The Matthew Stafford trade was the right move. The Rams got a Super Bowl. That was the goal.

However, things are bleak for the Rams moving forward. They don’t have first or fourth-round picks in 2023, so they could be in for at least another year of this.

Furthermore, the contract they gave Stafford this offseason could be on the way to backfiring. If he proves to be injury prone for the rest of his career, the Rams have $160 million tied to him over the next four years.

That’s going to be hard for the Rams to build around. And McVay doesn’t have to stay for it.

None of this, of course, is a surefire deal. There’s a good chance McVay decides he wants to stick it out. However, with the Rams’ struggles this year and a decent chance they continue into next season, it would be hard to blame him if he — if nothing else — took the Sean Payton approach and took what’s looking like a sabbatical from coaching.

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