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Why you should go to the AFLW

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It’s time to get on board.

The AFL Women’s competition has been slowly building over the past couple of seasons.

Now with its own air time at the back end of the AFL Men’s season, the experience of going to a match is something all footy fans should have.

The Sporting News scribe Kieran Francis details his journey to RSEA Park in Moorabbin to watch St Kilda take on Melbourne.

Footy at historical venues

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Being a St Kilda supporter, the last time I had seen a match at the Saints’ famous home of Moorabbin would have been when I was a toddler.

As I approached the ground with my father, he explained what Moorabbin was like in the late 80’s and early 90’s with the famous ‘Animal Enclosure’ for all of the diehard and feral Saints supporters.

With no queues and no fuss, we entered RSEA Park through the reception with all of St Kilda’s history on display – including the only premiership cup the team has won in 1966.

This kind of vibe is around for many of the AFLW teams with the likes of Richmond playing at Punt Rd, the Western Bulldogs at Whitten Oval and North Melbourne at Arden St.

Deni Varnhagen Adelaide AFLW

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Have a beer on the hill

Many AFLW venues – such as RSEA Park and Punt Rd – have a hill for fans to stand on and enjoy the game.

It really gives the game a grassroots feel where you can stand or sit wherever you want – especially on a hill in the outer.

There is nothing that feels more natural than standing in the outer with a jacket on and a beer in your hand.

And the beers are reasonably priced compared to AFL Men’s matches – what a bonus.

Local vendors supported

When you attend AFL Men’s matches, large catering companies have the contracts to mass supply food at exorbitant prices.

However, at many AFLW games, local food vendors have food vans dotted around inside and outside the venue.

At RSEA Park, the renowned Baxter Fish and Chips were serving food in the outer and for $10 you can get a mixed pack that satisfied your hunger.

It was cooked fresh and delicious, much unlike the mass produced food at AFL Men’s venue.

Get close to the action

Being able to sit and stand wherever you like means you can get as close to the action of the game as you like.

You can easily hear the collision of bodies, the communication of the players between each other and the varying emotions expressed during the contest.

After the match, the AFLW stars freely mingle on the boundary line to sign autographs and chat to supporters.


Crowd diversity

There is no doubt an AFL Men’s match features a majority of men in the crowd – and a distinct lack of young women.

But an AFLW game, the crowds are littered with women and young girls as they finally have a competitive sport they can relate to.

One that many young girls will be able to compete in one day.

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