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Why Nick Sirianni shouldn’t be considered part of Andy Reid’s coaching tree

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There are dozens of fascinating connections between the Chiefs and Eagles as we approach Super Bowl Sunday.

Nick Sirianni as a branch on Andy Reid’s coaching tree, however, shouldn’t be considered one of them.

Things almost turned out differently. When Reid and the Eagles parted ways in 2012, Sirianni had just wrapped up his first season as wide receivers coach for the Chiefs. Sirianni had been moving around on the sidelines for Kansas City, but when Reid was hired as the coach for Kansas City for the 2013 season, Reid brought one of his own guys from Philadelphia.

“It was actually an awesome conversation I had with him,” Sirianni said last year, per Audacy. “Really respected the fact that he took time to meet with me. Tell me what he had heard about me. But he had a guy. He had David Culley.”

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Indeed, Culley had been with Reid since he started in 1999, and he was with the Chiefs until 2016 when he went to Buffalo as an assistant quarterbacks coach. Culley’s movement culminated in a move to Houston to try his hand as a head coach, but he got just one season with the Texans.

Sirianni, for his part, joined the Chargers in 2013 and moved around there until becoming an offensive coordinator under Frank Reich for the Colts in 2018. It was from there the Eagles hired Sirianni in a move that was questioned at the time.

“When I came here, I was told Nick Sirianni — this guy is really a special coach. Really, a good football coach,” Reid said on Sirianni, per Pro Football Talk. “But I had David [Culley]. David was my assistant head coach and he’d been with me for 14 years and so he was coming with me. And I had to make that determination to keep Nick or not. And I knew being as good as he was and the reputation he had, I knew he was going to get something. And so, it’s worked out great for him.”

Indeed, Sirianni has been more than Philadelphia could have hoped for, bringing the Eagles to a Super Bowl berth in just his second season.

Reid’s coaching tree is well-established. If the Eagles keep moving in this direction, we may well see Sirianni’s start to take root in the immediate future as teams trying to figure out the next coaching trend.


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