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Who is Donna Kelce? Meet the mom behind Travis, Jason Kelce’s historic sibling Super Bowl

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Under normal circumstances, a jersey that combines two teams in the Super Bowl would be an aberration of nature.

But in Donna Kelce’s case, it’s a testament to one of the most special, fascinating seasons a mother can go through. Her two sons, Travis and Jason Kelce, are both playing in the Super Bowl for the Chiefs and Eagles, respectively, and it’s undoubtedly an exceptionally conflicting week for her.

Donna and the Kelces’ father, Ed, are both centerstage at Super Bowl 57, the first time two brothers have squared off in a Super Bowl. And they’ve both accepted the spotlight with grace while ensuring everyone knows the result will be happy no matter who wins.

“I really want just pure joy,” Donna said on the Kelce brothers’ podcast New Heights this week. “The first two Super Bowls, the ones you were in, it was tense. We wanted you to win so badly. It meant so much to get that under your belt. This one is just going to be pure joy, pure fun. You’re both in there! How could it be any better than this? It’s going to be the best day ever — except the day both of you were born.”

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It probably helps that both brothers have already won a Super Bowl, with the Eagles winning Super Bowl 52 and the Chiefs taking Super Bowl 54. The pressure of “first” is off. However, whichever brother wins his second Sunday is going to have bragging rights for life.

Here’s what to know about Donna Kelce ahead of her big day: 

What is Donna Kelce’s jersey?

Donna Kelce’s jersey has drawn a lot of buzz, as it’s a hybrid of the Chiefs’ and Eagles’ jerseys representing both Travis and Jason.

The front and left sleeve are the Chiefs whereas the back and right sleeve are all Eagles.

Donna said on New Heights she’ll be wearing the jersey Sunday.

“Are you gonna be rocking the 50/50 Kelce jersey that I got you?” Travis asked. 

“Oh yeah,” Donna replied.

“That Jason didn’t get you, that I got you,” Travis continued.

“[Jason] was really upset the first time that you guys played each other,” Donna said. “Because I was coming at him, and the ’87’s’ on the front. So I had to turn around real quick, because I could tell he was pissed.”

It makes sense Travis was the origin, given the heavy Chiefs presence on the front. But the jersey is an extremely cool thing for a mom to have when her two sons play each other.

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Who is Donna Kelce cheering for in the Super Bowl?

Donna said on the Kelce brothers’ podcast she’s rooting for points, and nothing else.

“I am gonna be screaming the entire game, whoever has the ball,” she said. “I want it to be the highest-scoring Super Bowl, ever, in the history of Super Bowls.”

Jason, however, held her feet to the fire.

“You’ve said in the past that you root for me, because I’ve given you grandkids,” Jason said. “I’ve always known that you root for Travis. Who do you actually root for? In a battle to the death, me vs. Travis, who are you rooting for?”

“If you were on a boat, in the middle of the ocean, who would you save, me or your father?” Donna replied.

It was a valiant effort on Jason’s part, but we never truly did get a straight answer.

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Who is Donna Kelce’s husband?

Donna’s husband, Ed, also appeared on the Kelces’ podcast.

Ed may not be getting the attention Donna is this week, but he had some very good insight into where he was going after the Super Bowl ends when asked who he’d talk to first after the game.

“Probably the loser…” he said. “…Somebody’s gonna feel pretty crummy. And I wanna be with them initially.”

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Did the Kelces see both championship games?

One of the questions with the Kelces is always which brother they’re going to see when schedules conflict.

On championship weekend, Donna and Ed weren’t able to see both games, and were in Philadelphia to watch the Eagles host the 49ers.

The parents were able to go to two games in the 2021 wild card round, when they attended Eagles vs. Buccaneers in Tampa before flying to Kansas City to watch the Chiefs host the Steelers.

Jason and the Eagles lost to the Buccaneers in that game, while Travis and the Chiefs defeated the Steelers. Donna didn’t get to see the whole Chiefs game, but she did make it for the end.

It’s fortunate to see the brothers consolidated into one game Sunday, making it extremely easy for her to be there in Glendale. Expect a lot of camera shots of Donna and Ed, and for Donna’s jersey to be quite a discussion piece before, during, and after the game.


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