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When does Argentina fly back home for celebration parade? Tracking La Albiceleste’s return after World Cup triumph

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Bedlam descended on Buenos Aires, Argentina, when its beloved men’s soccer team captured the World Cup in Qatar.

It was a barnburner of a match, one teeming with thrills and spills. But ultimately, in the battle of the two best players in the world, it was Lionel Messi who came out on top.

The scenes across the mountainous country were similarly dramatic. Streaks of blue and white lined the roads as folks huddled around giant television screens to follow all the action as it unfolded from Lusail Stadium.

It was an environment eerily similar to that of 1986, when La Albiceleste last captured World Cup glory. That team was led by a mercurial No. 10 as well, one who captivated the nation’s audience with his glitz and glamor on the ball.

Diego Maradona and Co. received a heroes’ welcome when they returned home following the ’86 victory. Expect Messi’s men to receive a similar sort of coronation.

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Here’s what you need to know about the World Cup celebrations across Argentina.

When does the Argentina team return home after the World Cup?

There is no official information about the flight schedules of the Argentina national team after the World Cup. However, from various media reports from Doha, such as the one from ESPN’s Marcelo Benedetto, it is known that the Argentines are planning to return home as soon as possible after the final ceremonies. This is so players can make the most of the little free time they will have before returning to the European leagues.

The flight from Doha to Buenos Aires by private charter will take approximately 21 hours, possibly with a technical stop in Rome for refueling, and therefore the Argentine team should arrive at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires in the last hours of Monday, December 19. According to Diego Ruscitti, journalist of Todo Noticias, there is also the possibility that the plane will land at Aeroparque, in the City of Buenos Aires.

No details for the official celebration are known yet. It is worth mentioning that after Argentina won the Copa América title in 2021, there was no official reception for the players, but that tournament held a year and a half ago took place in a different context, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As for this team? The Casa Rosada, an Argentine icon next to the Oblesico de Buenos Aires, awaits them.

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How will Argentina be received after the World Cup?

To date, there is no official itinerary for Argentina’s official World Cup parade. However, given the deluge of emotion that swept the country after Sunday’s victory, expect it to be stunning.

Argentinian president Alberto Fernandez opted against traveling to Qatar to attend the match. He instead stayed at Casa Rosada — the Argentine president’s official presidential office — allowing him to greet the public on Monday.

It is believed that a stage could be set up in Plaza de Mayo or another part of Buenos Aires, or perhaps the Argentinian team will be paraded around the city in a convertible tour bus.

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How did Argentina react to winning the World Cup?

If you thought those of an Argentinian persuasion were losing their minds at Lusail Stadium, the scenes from Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mar del Plata and countless other cities were simply astounding.

Thousands packed around the Obelisco de Buenos Aires, one of the most iconic landmarks in Argentina, singing, dancing, crying and cheering their way through 120 minutes of anxiety. When Gonzalo Montiel’s penalty hit the back of the net, Buenos Aires — Argentina’s capital city — burst into life.


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