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What is the big hat company? Noggin Boss’ oversized lids go viral with help from NFL’s Brian Robinson, Josh Allen

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Styles of hats have changed over the years. Top hats, cowboy hats, newsboy caps, pork pies, fedoras and baseball caps have been among the most popular hats throughout history, but new types always seem to pop up.

Brian Robinson and Josh Allen are working to usher in a new trend of hat.

The Commanders running back was seen wearing a big hat after his team’s win against the Falcons on Sunday, while the Bills quarterback donned a “Thursday Night Football” lid following his team’s victory against the Patriots.

The oversized hats have begun to make waves as they’ve now been in the spotlight twice after NFL games. What kind of hats are they? Here’s what you need to know.

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What is the big hat company?

The big hat company is called Noggin Boss, a Phoenix, Ariz., based company started in 2019 by Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner.

The hats made at Noggin Boss are mostly customizable, with users starting with the color and size. Prospective buyers would then have the option to add a patch or customize the hat further. The patches do not feature any sports team logo, and instead are generic pictures like a shamrock, a flamingo, a lobster, #1 Mom, #1 Dad or others.

However, the site shows fans wearing hats that feature sports logos like a Cardinals logo, 76ers logo and others, though those are not commercially listed on the site.

Noggin Boss on Shark Tank

NFL players wearing the hats in big spots have helped Noggin Boss take off, but the big boon for the company came when the Cooper and Starner appeared on the ABC show “Shark Tank” in 2022 to promote the product and attempt to get an investor.

The two were able to get Daymond John to invest $50,000 for 30 percent of the company.

Brian Robinson big hat

Robinson sparked the interest in the big hats when he was spotted wearing one after the game by reporters.

According to The Washington Post, Robinson received the hat from Ron Dyer, the father of one of his friends from Alabama, and that Dyer’s son, Kaleb, made a custom Commanders design for Robinson.

Cooper said the night Robinson wore the hat, the company received a 300 percent spike in sales over the year period, but he said he was surprised to see the Commanders’ logo on the hat since they don’t make them that way, according to Yahoo Sports.

“We had no idea it was even happening until it got posted and people were going crazy, saying, ‘Is this your cap?’” Cooper said. “I said, ‘Well, that’s our cap, but I don’t know where that other stuff [came from].’”

However, the use of the logo could be an issue. The Coalition to Advance the Protection of Sports told Sportico it will investigate the third-party branded merchandise and address any wrongdoing, and the NFL is reportedly considering a cease-and-desist to make sure the hat isn’t sold with team logos, per Sportico.

The company reported it only makes blank hats and does not have ones that feature the NFL or other team logos, according to Sportico.

Josh Allen big hat

Allen became the second NFL player to wear one of the big hats after a game, when he put one on while speaking with the “Thursday Night Football” panelists after the 24-10 Bills victory.

The hat was specifically branded with a “Thursday Night Football” logo, which certainly would appear to protect it from the NFL.

Where to buy big hats

Looking to add an oversized hat to your hat collection? Noggin Boss sells the hats online. They cost $75 each before customization. 


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