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Watch Baker Mayfield’s emotional moment in Rams locker room after comeback win: ‘I’m happy to be home’

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To say that Baker Mayfield had a whirlwind 48 hours would be an understatement. From being released from the Panthers Monday to being signed by the Rams Tuesday, Mayfield found himself with 40 hours to prepare for Thursday’s game against the Raiders.

He was thrust into action after just one three-and-out drive from John Wolford, in which the Rams ran the ball three times. With seemingly nothing to lose, Sean McVay turned to Mayfield, who engineered two touchdown drives at the end of the game after being down 16-3 to lead the Rams to a 17-16 win.

It’s a pyrrhic victory of sorts for the Rams, who moved to 4-9 on the season. But it’s emblematic of a team — and a player — that has had to display resilience through tough times this season. Mayfield was cast off by the Browns in favor of Deshaun Watson and then replaced by Sam Darnold as the Panthers’ starter, while the Rams have been beleaguered by injuries and disappointment after winning the Super Bowl in February.

After the game, the Rams’ game ball could really only go to one person, despite several clutch performances down the stretch. Sean McVay called out some of those performances, but he had to give it to the player who got to Los Angeles “10 minutes ago.”

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“So many guys I wanna be able to recognize,” McVay said. “Taylor Rapp closing it out, so many big-time stops defensively. Van Jefferson, Ben Skowronek making plays. But to be able to come in here 10 minutes ago and help lead us to a victory. See you guys on Monday. Baker Mayfield.”

Mayfield’s reaction really says all that needs to be said. As he came barreling in and broke down the huddle, he concluded with “I’m happy to be home man.”

Mayfield’s enthusiasm was infectious, and frankly, it was the happiest he’s looked all season. This kind of win can be huge for a team that has struggled all season, and as the Rams head down the stretch, they’ll hope to carry this momentum.

With no first round pick, the Rams have no reason to lose, not that anyone on the roster wants to. It seems like no one wants to less than Mayfield, who is making an immediate impact on his locker room in Los Angeles.


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