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Tom Brady embraces NFL retirement by posting underwear selfie on Twitter

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Tom Brady’s football career is over, but he’s showing a ton of promise as a businessman and promoter.

Case in point: The former Buccaneers and Patriots quarterback on Monday posted a picture of his scantily clad self to Twitter.

It’s the most notable pic of him in his underwear since he attended the 2000 NFL Combine:

Naturally, Brady’s picture raises the question: Why? It’s unlikely he is kickstarting a career in modeling, and less likely that he’s becoming an exhibitionist. Instead, it’s a clever marketing tactic to raise attention around his Brady clothing brand.

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Indeed, a quick venture into the tweet thread eventually leads to a post from the Brady clothing brand’s official account (one in which the quarterback said he’d recreate the pictures therein with 40,000 likes). Brady also responded to his underwear picture with a plug to the Brady clothing website.

It’s uncertain why Brady felt the need to tag former teammates Julian Edelman or Rob Gronkowski. It could be a joke, or could add to what is already an impressive audience for Brady’s personal Twitter account, which has more than 3 million followers.

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So, there you have it: Brady may be retired from football, but he’s clearly using his fame to continue promoting his brands. That said, he doesn’t need to post pictures of himself to push his brands — not with his “80 for Brady” movie coming out and jars of retirement sand fetching ridiculous prices.

None of that compares to what stands to be an incredible lucrative broadcasting career for Brady, however. Fox Sports reportedly signed him to a monstrous 10-year, $375 million deal to become its No. 1 analyst on its NFL broadcasts, displacing Greg Olsen in the process.

That sort of deal illustrates the power Brady already possesses in his brand: You don’t get that sort of deal with practically zero experience in it without having a famous name to back it up, after all.

In a sense, Brady will be getting an entirely new level of exposure.


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