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The Kylian Mbappe, Achraf Hakimi bromance: PSG teammates will be World Cup rivals in historic 2022 semifinal

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As far as football friendships go, they don’t come much more wholesome than the one between Kylian Mbappe and Achraf Hakimi. 

But any love between the two will have to put to one side when the PSG teammates face off in the 2022 FIFA World Cup semifinals.

Mbappe is chasing consecutive titles with France, while Hakimi has been key in Morocco’s historic run at the tournament in Qatar. 

Only one can leave their semifinal clash with a smile, however, as their budding bromance is parked for at least 90 minutes. 

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Mbappe, Hakimi friendship 

The two struck up a fast friendship when Hakimi joined Mbappe at PSG in July 2021. 

With Hakimi only six weeks older than Mbappe, the two have more than just football in common and are very family-orientated. 

On the pitch, they are also no strangers to linking up, with Hakimi claiming an assist for an Mbappe goal in September when PSG beat Juventus 2-1 in the UEFA Champions League. 

Speaking of goals, the two also often celebrate in unique ways together. 

There will be no joint celebrations on Wednesday, however, with Mbappe declaring back in January that he would show no mercy should he play against Hakimi at the World Cup. 

“I have to destroy my friend,” Mbappe joked about a potential clash against Morocco. 

“That would break my heart a little bit but it’s football, it is what it is. I have to kill him.” 

Have Mbappe, Hakimi played against each other before?

Before becoming firm friends, Mbappe and Hakimi had already faced off on the pitch. 

In February 2020, PSG and Borussia Dortmund played each other in the Champions Leage Round of 16. 

That day, Hakimi started for Dortmund and Mbappe lined up for PSG as the Germans claimed a 2-1 win. 

Mbappe didn’t get on the scoresheet that day but he did claim the assist for Neymar’s strike as Hakimi was denied a cleansheet. 

PSG would win the return leg 2-0 with Mbappe and Hakimi only briefly crossing paths with the former used just as a substitute. 

Who is faster – Mbappe or Hakimi?

Both Mbappe and Hakimi are renowned for their speed with the duo more than capable of leaving opponents in their dust. 

FIFA have been tracking the speeds of players so far at the 2022 World Cup and the two literally cannot be split. The players have both recorded a top speed of 35.3 km/h (21.93 m/h) so far in Qatar.

Mbappe was, however, recently crowned the fastest player in Ligue 1 after clocking a top speed of 36 km/h (22.3m/h) with Hakimi coming in at eighth with his fastest run so far this season sitting at 34.56 km/h (21.47m/h). 

So based on that, it would be safe to say that Mbappe does have a slight edge if it was to come down to a foot race, with Hakimi likely slowed down by being three centimetres taller than his good friend. 

Credit: sportingnews.com

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