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Sean McDermott praises Bills’ Devin Singletary for ‘great situational awareness’ on final carry vs. Dolphins

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Devin Singletary appeared to have a path to a potential game-winning touchdown on a run with 39 seconds left in the fourth quarter Saturday night.

But instead of breaking a tie between the Bills and Dolphins by scoring, Singletary elected to slide down at the 4-yard line.

The play confused some, who wondered why the Bills would pass up seemingly sure points as lake-effect snow cascaded down on Highmark Stadium.

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But coach Sean McDermott said in his postgame news conference that Singletary sliding was the right play.

“Great situational awareness by ‘Motor,'” McDermott said, referring to Singletary by his nickname.

Why was that the right play? McDermott said that the Bills had discussed the decision and elected to call “No más” — which translates to “no more” in Spanish.

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Essentially, that meant that the Bills wanted to leave the Dolphins with no time to get the ball back. The best way to do that would be to come up short of the end zone twice and kick a field goal as time expired.

Why? Because the Bills were facing a second-and-8 and Miami had just one timeout left with 39 seconds to play.

“You’re expecting them to potentially allow you to score right there, just based on where the game was, where we had the ball and the timeout situation,” McDermott explained.

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Indeed, if Singletary had scored on the play, the Bills would have taken at least a six-point lead, but the Dolphins would have had about 30 seconds and a timeout with which to mount a potential game-tying drive.

McDermott and Co. decided that allowing Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle a chance at that rebuttal wasn’t worth the risk. He believed that his kicker, Tyler Bass — who had made all 28 of his previous field goals attempts from inside 30 yards — would be able to make the 25-yard attempt despite the heavy snow.

He was right, and the Bills won 32-29.

McDermott’s faith in Bass paid off. Still, he owes a debt to Singletary for avoiding the end zone on a play where he had a clear-cut scoring opportunity.


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