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Seahawks draft picks 2023: Who the Seahawks may take in first round with Broncos’ No. 2 pick

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The Seattle Seahawks have found themselves in an incredible position this season. They’ve surpassed expectations and are playing for the NFC West in December. And they’re still likely to find themselves with a top five draft pick next year because of the horrendous season the Denver Broncos are having following the blockbuster Russell Wilson trade.

At 7-6, the Seahawks are playing a huge game against the 49ers on Thursday that could ultimately determine the balance of the NFC West. With the Rams and Cardinals massively underachieving this year, in-part because of key injuries to impact players, it’s basically a two-team race for first place. Regardless, the Seahawks have found themselves just a half-game out of the wild card race in the NFC, with the Giants and Commanders playing each other Sunday night.

Geno Smith has been the league’s most pleasant surprise, and he was generating MVP talk at one point this year (that has since dissipated). His QBR has been greater than 100 in nine out of 13 games so far this year, although his worst performance of the season did come against the 49ers back in Week 2.

With that in mind, the Seahawks have options with what is currently the No. 2 pick in the draft from the Broncos. They can draft a quarterback, go for another position, or flip it for more picks with two highly-touted QBs being projected to go in the top five.

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Here’s a look at how the Seahawks are positioned in 2023.

Seattle Seahawks 2023 draft picks

As of Week 14, the Seahawks have the No. 2 pick in the draft after the Broncos lost to the Chiefs Sunday to move to 3-10 on the season. The Bears have the same record and are a spot below.

Seattle also has the No. 17 pick as the first team out of the NFC postseason, meaning they could have some wiggle room to move around in the first round of the draft if other teams get trade-happy.

Round Pick (Overall)
1 2 (from Broncos)
1 17
2 33 (from Broncos)
2 49
3 81
5 TBD (from Steelers)
7 TBD (from Texans)

The Seahawks, as anyone can see, are sitting pretty. As a note, the TBD picks are because compensatory picks change overall orders.

With the Nos. 2 and 33 picks, the Seahawks can be aggressive in the draft. Having four picks in the first two days is going to make them the belle of the ball, particularly with either Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud on the board at No. 2.

Seahawks first round mock

Mocking for the Seahawks is tricky, because it presumes a.) They keep the No. 2 pick and b.) They don’t trade out of it if they do. It’s worth noting that the Seahawks are notorious for trading out of the first round under Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s tenure. However, they’ve never had a pick this high.

If Seattle believe Geno Smith is the QB of the (forseeable) future, the best for the Seahawks at No. 2 for the time being has to be Alabama’s outside linebacker Will Anderson Jr.

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Although they could go quarterback to replace Smith after this year, he’s shown he can thrive in the proper environment. Drafting a quarterback after the season Smith has had would be malpractice for John Schneider and Pete Carroll. They gave Smith a shot to prove himself, and he’s done so week in and week out. Depending on what he asks for in free agency, the Seahawks have to bring him back at this point. It would take a truly catastrophic final stretch of season for him to play himself out of another shot next season. The only question is if another team overpays for him as a free agent. Adding a QB in the first round to a team that already has an established QB isn’t without precedent. The Packers did it with Jordan Love in 2020 and the 49ers did it with Trey Lance in 2021.

Adding Anderson would help a defense that is currently 27th in the NFL in pass rush by PFF grades. The Seahawks need pressure on the quarterback, not a QB, in the immediate future.

At No. 17, it’s time to start thinking about the offensive line. Whoever is under center next year, the Seahawks need to protect him. And speaking of centers, they have dire need of a center this offseason. Notre Dame’s Jarrett Patterson is arguably the best center coming out of the draft, and he would be a reasonable pick for Seattle at No. 17.

The Seahawks have found themselves with an embarrassment of riches heading into next year’s draft, and Geno Smith’s breakout season has grouped them firmly into the “haves” of the 2023 offseason. There’s still a lot of work to do, and they have to play their cards right. But at worst, it looks like they’ll be picking fourth.

There’s an argument to be made what the Seahawks do in April could shift the entire direction of the 2023 draft. They’re hoping it starts at No. 2. But regardless, Seattle is sitting pretty.


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