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Saints’ Cameron Jordan rips NFL for fake injury fine: ‘I feel like my name’s low-key been slandered’

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Cameron Jordan is not happy with the NFL’s decision to fine him $50,000 for allegedly faking an injury in the Saints’ Week 13 loss to the Buccaneers.

Why? Because Jordan says he was actually injured during the play in question.

Jordan explained to ESPN that he felt something in his ankle after hitting the ground on a third-and-17 play against the Buccaneers. He tried to get off the field, but he eventually took a knee because he felt like he couldn’t put pressure on his foot.

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The NFL believed that Jordan had taken a knee to delay the Buccaneers, who were set to go for it on fourth down but elected to punt after the injury timeout. Jordan says the league’s discipline is doing undue harm to his reputation.

“I feel like my name’s low-key been slandered. Like I haven’t played with more or less,” Jordan told ESPN. “And even then, I went out, went to the tent, got taped up … went back to the playing field and finished the game.”

Jordan had never missed a game due to injury before the 2022 NFL season and has played in 188 of a possible 191 regular-season games thus far. during his career.

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Thus, it’s easy to understand why he would be irked by the NFL’s ruling and why he wants the league to rescind the fine.

In terms of how I play this game and how hard I play this game, I was like ‘Yo, if this was a civil lawsuit, I’d countersue for triple the amount.’ The amount of work that I’ve put in to be a part of the league, the amount of honor I take in playing this game, yeah, that’s why I also laugh at this. … You know my track record, you know I’ll do everything I can to try to be on the field and try to be part of the team.

Jordan is planning to appeal the fine levied on him by the NFL. However, he is frustrated that he has to go through the appeal process.

“The fact that I have to go through an appeal is almost funny in itself,” Jordan said. “If anything, the league should be like ‘Hey, call in and be like there was an actual [injury] and that’s the end of it,’ but apparently, there’s almost a half million dollars’ worth of fines, so you have to go through an appeal process.”

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Indeed, the Saints were fined a total of $500,000 for Jordan’s injury, with the team taking on a $350,000 penalty, coach Dennis Allen being fined $100,000 and both Jordan and co-defensive coordinator Ryan Nielsen taking on $50,000 in damages.

Jordan believes those will be rescinded once he sends the results of his MRI and “fat foot” to the league office.

“[T]here’s a whole MRI that says I was actually hurt, which was crazy, that somebody can tell you, not even how you feel, but how bad you’re actually hurt,” he said.

It will be interesting to see if Jordan wins his appeal and is able to keep his $50,000. The 33-year-old is in the first year of a three-year, $52.5 million contract extension


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