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Rob Wilkinson becomes first Australian PFL light heavyweight champion with brutal TKO

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Rob ‘Razor’ Wilkinson has finished an impressive year off in style with a dominant TKO victory over Omari Akhmedov to claim the Professional Fighters League (PFL) light heavyweight belt and earn a big pay day in the process.

“Eight months ago, I signed with the PFL and now I’m the world champion baby!” Wilkinson exclaimed after wrapping up the biggest win of his career to date. 

The 30-year-old continued his love affair with New York City as he was greeted warmly by the crowd at Madison Square Garden, following a brutal walk-off knockout victory during his last appearance in the city.

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From the start he looked determined to put on a show when he marched forward and controlled the centre of the cage.

This forced his opponent to manoeuvre around the outside and attempt to keep his distance as Wilkinson’s superior reach caused plenty of issues with his jab finding a home time and time again. 

In the first of a scheduled five-round clash, the Aussie repeatedly caught Akhmedov with his trademark blitzes proving too much for his opponent to counter against. 

The MMA veteran attempted a takedown after coming off second best in an exchange. But this was easily stuffed by Wilkinson, before he looked to have taken offence by the sheer audacity of the attempt when he launched into an attack of his own which tagged Akhmedov’s chin. 

A barrage of follow-up punches late in the round finally dropped Akhmedov, however he used all of his experience to scramble on the ground and just about survive the onslaught. 

The pattern of the fight had already long since been established though, with Wilkinson dominating the exchanges on the feet. 

The Tasmanian-born brawler opened up a deep cut above Akhmedov’s right eyebrow in the second round which ultimately proved to be his downfall. 

The doctor assessed the damage at the end of a brutal round that saw Wilkinson work the body before teeing off on the overwhelmed but still game Akhmedov. 

After the Russian was unable to answer the call for the beginning of the third, Wilkinson was crowned the PFL light heavyweight champion – the first Aussie to achieve the feat while also collecting a million-dollar paycheck in the process. 

“Everyone just thought I was a first-round fighter, but I’ve got at least two in me,” Wilkinson joked post-fight. “I’ve got at least two.

“The million dollars is awesome, but this belt is something I’ve been dreaming of- going for gold 10 years ago.”  

The new champion has now had four fights for the promotion and finished all four, so was asked how he had taken over the division so flawlessly. 

“Did that look f****** easy? I’m exhausted,” he laughed.

“I’ve been grinding away behind the scenes for a long time ever since I got released from the UFC. 

“I kept grinding away knowing that my opportunity would come, and I’d go straight to the top. And that’s what I f****** did.”

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