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Paul ‘Showtime’ Fleming out to take Samir Ziani’s ranking in Dubai showdown

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Australian boxer Paul Fleming is undefeated in 29 fights but, for some reason, he’s yet to receive the international recognition which would usually come with such a record.

“Showtime” is hoping to change that when he faces Frenchman Samir Ziani in Dubai in just over a week’s time.

The super-featherweights will meet on a card headlined by fellow Aussie Lucas Browne taking on Mahmoud Charr on December 16 (Dec. 17 in the UAE).

Countrymen Renold Quinlan and Alex Winwood will also be in action.

For Fleming, it’s a chance to stake his claim as a key name at the top of the division – Ziani (33-3-1) is ranked number one with the IBF.

The 34-year-old Queenslander believes he has the tools to deal with Ziani.

“He’s got his eyes set on a title just like I have,” Fleming told Sporting News.

“I’ve got such a unique style, it’s hard to get opponents to train for me and I think he’s going to find that a problem. 

“I think we’re going to expose him. He’s got one style, one dimension, I think I can do it all. I think I’ve proved that my last couple of fights.

“I think he thinks he’s going to run through him but I’m gonna box and use my angles and expose his one-dimensional style.”

Fleming hopes this will be the win that elevates him into title contention.

“It’s been a long time coming,” he said.

“A lot of people say I should have had my title shot and I should be more well known than I am on the international scene. 

“A win now would just cement what everyone says about me.”

Fleming had been due to fight former training partner Billel Dib in Penrith on November 30 until the event was scrapped by organisers following ugly scenes at a press conference.

The southpaw said he was already in training anyway and simply “switched strategy” when the Ziani fight came up.

In preparation for the bout, Fleming said he and former opponent Bruno Tarimo have been going at it in his newly opened Western Sydney gym.

“We did over 50 rounds in two weeks,” Fleming explained.

“If I ain’t gonna be ready for the fight after that, then I’m never going to be ready.

“Our gym we were working out of shut down during COVID. 

“Showtime Fighters Academy. It’s big and beautiful. 

“Hopefully it will be the place to be out west here, it looks like it is, there’s nothing like it out west.

“I see people using it as a training camp base out here in Western Sydney. It’s a great facility, great gym, we’re just looking forward to really hitting it next year. Using the momentum.

“We’re open to everyone, as long as they’ve got the right attitude, we’re open to everyone.”

Credit: sportingnews.com

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