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NHL team values: Maple Leafs, Rangers, Canadiens lead Sportico’s most valuable hockey franchises

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Sports teams in North America are money-making machines. The NHL’s 32 franchises are no different. 

Sportico released its latest valuations of all 32 NHL clubs recently, showing just how much each team is worth. It broke down how much every team makes when it comes to revenue, team-related businesses and individual team values, formulating a total value for every franchise. 

Sure, NHL franchises pale in comparison to the values of teams in other leagues. To put in perspective the difference between leagues, in Sportico’s latest valuations of the NFL franchises, the Bengals came in last with a value of $2.84 million. That’s more than every NHL club. According to Sportico, in the NBA, the last-ranked team in value is the Pelicans coming in at $1.51 billion, which is higher than every NHL organization with the exception of three. 

However, the teams in the NHL still bring in large sums of money. Out of the 32 teams in the league, 11 are valued at at least $1 billion, with the Maple Leafs and Rangers as the lone two franchises worth at least $2 billion. 

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Here is a look at the team value for all 32 clubs in the NHL. 

NHL team values  

It shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise that the first five teams ranked in terms of total value are five Original Six teams, as the Maple Leafs, Rangers, Canadiens, Blackhawks and Bruins are the highest teams on the list. Toronto takes the cake by far, as its estimated total value comes in over $110 million more than second-place New York. 

The Red Wings, the lone Original Six squad not in the top five, come in at No. 10 on the list. 

The Coyotes are the lowest team in terms of value, coming in at $465 million, the only team worth less than $500 million. To some surprise, the Kraken are in the middle of the pact, despite only being around for one full season.

Team Value
Toronto Maple Leafs $2.12 billion
New York Rangers $2.01 billion
Montreal Canadiens $1.70 billion
Chicago Blackhawks $1.44 billion
Boston Bruins $1.41 billion
Los Angeles Kings $1.39 billion
Philadelphia Flyers $1.35 billion
Edmonton Oilers $1.29 billion
Washington Capitals $1.22 billion
Detroit Red Wings $1.12 billion
Vancouver Canucks  $1.00 billion
Vegas Golden Knights $975 million
New York Islanders $920 million
Dallas Stars $915 million
Tampa Bay Lightning $910 million
Pittsburgh Penguins $900 million
Seattle Kraken $890 million
Colorado Avalanche $875 million
Calgary Flames $870 million
Minnesota Wild $850 million
New Jersey Devils $825 million
Winnipeg Jets $805 million
Nashville Predators $775 million
St. Louis Blues $770 million
Anaheim Ducks $765 million
San Jose Sharks $755 million
Ottawa Senators $655 million
Buffalo Sabres $635 million
Carolina Hurricanes $615 million
Columbus Blue Jackets $600 million
Florida Panthers $595 million
Arizona Coyotes $465 million


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