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NFL playoff clinching scenarios for Vikings, Eagles in Week 13

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There still is a lot to be resolved in the NFL playoff picture as the calendar turns to December, but a couple of teams will face clinching scenarios in Week 13.

The NFC’s top two teams — the Eagles and the Vikings — are the two squads playing for playoff berths in Week 13. Neither can clinch passage to the postseason with a win alone, but each can do so with a win and some help.

The Eagles are the lone one-loss team remaining in the NFL at 10-1. They are certainly expected to qualify for the postseason, but given that they play in the ultra-competitive NFC East, they aren’t in line to guarantee a division win yet. If they lock anything up, it will be just a generic playoff berth.

The Vikings, meanwhile, can clinch the NFC North if things fall in their favor. They already have a five-game lead in the division over the Lions, so it would be shocking to see them fail to do so. Even still, locking up the division title early will provide the team with the benefit of knowing it will get at least one home game during the 2023 NFL postseason.

Here are all of the NFL playoff clinching scenarios for teams that can guarantee themselves a postseason berth in Week 13. And also, a complete look at the NFL playoff picture.

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NFL playoff clinching scenarios for Week 13

​Philadelphia Eagles (10-1)

Remaining games: vs. Titans, at Giants, at Bears, at Cowboys, vs. Saints, vs. Giants

Philadelphia clinches playoff berth with:

  1. Eagles win AND Commanders loss AND 49ers tie or loss AND Seahawks tie or loss (as long as the 49ers and Seahawks both don’t tie) OR
  2. Eagles win AND Commanders tie AND 49ers loss AND Seahawks loss

​Minnesota Vikings (9-2)

Remaining games: vs. Jets, at Lions, vs. Colts, vs. Giants, at Packers, at Bears

Minnesota clinches NFC North division title with:

  1. Vikings win AND Lions loss or tie OR
  2. Vikings tie AND Lions loss

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NFL playoff picture 2021

Rank Team Record Clinched
1 Chiefs 9-2 N/a
2 Dolphins 8-3 N/a
3 Titans 7-4 N/a
4 Ravens 7-4 N/a
5 Bills 8-3 N/a
6 Bengals 7-4 N/a
7 Jets 7-4 N/a

In the hunt: Patriots (6-5), Chargers (6-5), Colts (4-7-1), Jaguars (4-7), Raiders (4-7), Browns (4-7), Steelers (4-7)

Rank Team Record Clinched
1 Eagles 10-1 N/a
2 Vikings 9-2 N/a
3 49ers 7-4 N/a
4 Buccaneers 5-6 N/a
5 Cowboys 8-3 N/a
6 Giants 7-4 N/a
7 Commanders 7-5 N/a

In the hunt: Seahawks (6-5), Falcons (5-7), Lions (4-7), Packers (4-8), Cardinals (4-8), Panthers (4-8), Saints (4-8)

Credit: sportingnews.com

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